Reviews for Accented Notes
Trillix chapter 1 . 10/23/2005
Lol Now how could I forget the only person who cares to review my stories? Welcome back! Hope that trip was a good one.

As for the comment, yes, I do have a tendency to do that to people ;; It's kind of a habit really( Lately I've been trying to write differently, and it isn't working! ).

I was actually worried that I'd have no readers because of the confusion, but thank you lol

Hope to see more reviews when I put up more chapters!

Audwin chapter 1 . 10/23/2005
Hello again. Hopefully you haven't forgotten me by now. I've been on a little trip and haven't been writing or reviewing for a while on FictionPress. Therefore, rest my case.

Another little story; marvelous yet again, still a bit unclear. A bit sharpening up could make this great. Or perhaps, you'll continue to depress (over exaggerated but..) me until you update/post the next chapter where you'll make it much clearer.

Just a small comment, but I noticed in your writing that your style is to leave a reader a bit confused and explain in further on in the piece, then at the end, start the cycle again. It's a good style. No worries; just felt like commenting on your style.

Make sure to keep writing!