Reviews for Protect Me From What I Want
Queai Kumosse chapter 4 . 2/5/2006
Yay you updated! I've been really wanting an update for your story soon. And I randomly just checked me email and there it was, woo! Nice chapter, I must say. It's so cute! Mary-Alice's breakdown was so typical... Hehe. And I liked the way you had Gabriel find out about it. Ah, greatness, greatness.

:D Anyway, this story's still really good! Your characters are all so strong and so likeable, zomg! Oh, and I'll read over your past chapters and this one again and when you update next tell you if there's anything left to be corrected. :3 Update soon!
v chapter 3 . 11/7/2005
i really enjoyed the story! keep on updating!
Queai Kumosse chapter 3 . 11/7/2005
Teeheeheehee... hee... HE. *ahem* This chapter was so efing cute. I like how Silence is slowly starting to warm up to Gabriel. It's more realistic that way. I also love Gabrile's protection of her. It's so cute and and and... *ahem* Now I'm rambling. But Silence has a very real character, who's funny and easy to like. _ I think the way you've portrayed her has really made this story that much more interesting and welcoming to readers.

Okay with your questions... lalala... Maybe you should throw in a romance rival for Gabriel. D D Well... That might be a little cliche.. Hmm. And it would be nice for Silence and her grandparents to get along after a while. _ And also sure for the romantic interlude...

But my biggest suggestion for you now is... Kep writing! *waits patiently for the next chapter* Oh, and I love the length of these. _
Queai Kumosse chapter 2 . 11/7/2005
Yay! I got thanked! *sparkle, sparkle, heartheart* Anyway, first one thing I wanted to tell you... I've noticed this a lot.

“Bad day.” I murmured, stretching out next to him on the bed, and cuddling up to his warm little body.

The period after the word day should be a comma. That's all I've really noticed!

This story is still really good... Usually the second chapter is hard to write because you want to make it as good as the first. I like the budding romance between Silence and Gabriel... That was sweet of him to get her a cell phone. And well, with that being said, I'm gonna go run off to read chapter thre!
sealednectar chapter 3 . 11/7/2005
Wow! I really like this. A lot. Please update soon. Your characters are very real. I think there should be more of Paul in the story and maybe a bit more of Lacey. I think Silence's mum and her grandparents should resolve some things, and I for one think Silence and her grandparents should get along at least a little bit by the end!:) Please don't take this story down! (I like the name Silence; very unique). Update soon plz!
Queai Kumosse chapter 1 . 10/20/2005
Wow, this story is EXTREMELY good! I really mean it. I was just looking for something to read for school, not thinking I'd find anything good, and boy was I surprised when I saw this! Your beginning really grabbed me in. I like Silence a lot - her name too! - and she reminds me much of le moi. Your descriptions are great! Not overly done (like I do) or omitted (...also like I do) but there's enough there to give the reader a good vision of the character. I can sense a budding relationship between Gabriel and Silence. :D I also like how she's not telling anyone what's going on. I do that as well! I can relate to this a lot, despite the fact that my brother isn't dying... Update this soon, because I really wanna read more! _
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