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OliviaSielaCarmena chapter 11 . 5/11/2014
randomperson chapter 18 . 8/25/2013
randomperson chapter 13 . 8/25/2013
Uh... No offense, but have you heard of a mourning period? The girl just kind of la-di-dahs away after her boyfriend dies.
buznuz1 chapter 18 . 4/19/2009
hi this is buznuz1 well i was just wondering, I can't seem to find FEA: NA anywhere and u haven't updated anything in ages. Did you just delete the sequel to FEA or is my computer stuffing up? plz plz plz reply, i don't have an acount on fictionpress but i have one on (apparently there like the same) my name on fanfiction is buznuz1, could u plz write me a reply and send it there thx

yours truly (and absouletyl 1# fan), buznuz1
Guardian Midnight Raven chapter 8 . 3/2/2009
nicholai? im guessing...and hoping im not going off a limb here... s'pecially scince this is an older story...

flowerpower chapter 17 . 7/21/2008
why couldn't they have their own kids and raise damarcus?

i drank a lavalamp chapter 11 . 7/21/2008
i thought it was once every 100 years, not 10...

i think it's funny that "mayri" which is what you used to shorten khimayri, sounds like "mari"

in fact it's slightly frightening

why did satoru go if jinsai said he would! as long as its' not kara he should be happy, right?

btw, where's nicholai?

I FOUND HIM! i forgot that he was a traitor...why is he a traitor? long is months? when exactly did he start being a traitor?

wait, when he says love, does he mean LOVE?

why does everyoen love kara? no offense, but i think that's kinda stupid...the guys should like the other girls too

yep, this is way to revolved around kara. if you were to actually sell this book, i think you should change that...
pie chapter 10 . 7/21/2008

cuz i read about her yesturday! teehee teehee

lol, big ones smalls ones some the size of your head! i miss singing that with you

this is the best paragraph i've ever seen in all my life! it's so random! i love you!

"Snowballs at Fire Eye Academy have always been interesting. Hell, any school that is stocked with kids who have paranormal abilities couldn’t be. There are big ones, small ones, some the size of your head, and one year there was a snowball that looked mysteriously like George W. Bush. They have done everything from cause car accidents to house sock gremlins, and the year that the George Bush snowball was rolled, someone also managed to live in a snowball for a week. In the entire history of Fire Eye Academy, however, nobody had ever seen something quite like this. And the history of Fire Eye Academy stretches for a very long time."

nicholai broke his arm? when!

why was kara in the note to name the baby? it wasn't hers...

the whole kara and satoru been taken seems kinda random. i mean there wasn't a real build up to it...just saying

why is kara being crucified when everyone else who died was exploded, or drowned or something? why is she special?
me chapter 9 . 7/21/2008
O so now suddenly they're dating

homeslice chapter 7 . 7/21/2008
i just realized something, didn't kara and satoru have a huge flirt fest before? and now suddenly he's disappeared! that's kinda'd think something would've happened out of that...or he would be mad with everyone touching her
Da.ChiicK.Fr0m.H3LL chapter 18 . 6/4/2008
aw they're so cute! _ are you writing a sequel?
ARIEoftheFOREST chapter 8 . 12/15/2007
nicholai... i think
Heart of String chapter 18 . 8/22/2007
Aw...So cute(has her aww cute face on as she struggles with Yasha, the kitten from HELL)

Toby: I certainly enjoyed it...(everyone looked at him, untill Hiate smashed a pie over his face, which happend to be cherry flavord, his leaset faveoright)YOU DIE NOW DRAGON!

Hiate: (dose a double birdie flip of and laughs, running away) CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, OLD MAN!

Solace:(pops up with her hat slightly askew)I havent popped up ANYWHERE lately...(she pouts)

Issume:(yanks her into a gentle hug, while trying to not spill his glass of wine)I know, dear.I bet String shall , she made pictures of all of you...but where is-(gets cut off by a wall being sliced in two)

A woman with long blue air in a pony tail and gold hawk eyes, with a blue outfit and a VERY large bow and arrow:(142
Heart of String chapter 13 . 8/21/2007

Hiate:Well, yeah, she sorta invented Lurve...

Toby: You probibly first met her when you wrote it down here or something...Oh, and before you try ANYTHING(glare at a giggling Hiate and a snickering me), I'd LOVE to not become pregnat if you stick me in the I would be a teacher, even though...(heavy sigh, and I pull out a reel of film)

Me: This'll explane it... (places in projector and dysplays a bar and Toby drinking a boddle of pure vodka, no shot can handle it Hard, and it was after nearly a year of no good blood)

"Sigh... Is the world really this desparate?Being this deprived of such innocence I can feed on? What am I going to do?(musing hair)"

"Heya babe...(drunk guy winds a arm around Tobe's shoulders)"

"(eye twich)Tonight...shall become HORRIBLE...Yes sir?"

"So, whats a underage little lady like yourself doin in here? Shouldent you be studyin?"

"First off, IM A MALE. Second(poking of chest to emphasize his words)Im 27, just a little shorter than the average .I dont sleep with morons and I dont get drunk.(shoves guy out of way, slaps a 20 on the counter, and slams door to walk into the snow outside. A black screen shows and says '-FIN-')

Me:See?He's a bit sensitive about being beautiful...OH!(Then starts poking chest emphasis)I WANT NIKKI BACK!(shoves you into a wall on last word and you go through severa before falling out into Toby's waiting arms)

Toby: (Sigh)Well, you want descriptions, then you get them from her on MSN when you get back, all right?

Heart of String chapter 9 . 8/21/2007
Hiate&Me: (bug eyes over screen, looking on in horror) WHAT!

Toby: Well, we see where your fetish to make males pregnat orgonated from... (String and Hiate eye him) Why are you both looking at me like that?

String: Well, you're a very pretty man, and the angel and vampire blood make you drop dead gorgeos(so much so men fawn over you)...

Hiate: So, if Miss Doritos got her hands on you in a fic or story of some sort...(both grin as Toby cringes and goes back to his book)

Toby: (ingores the snicker)Now, where were we... Ah, spells using frog parts... (nearly chokes) WAYS TO MAKE MALES PREGNANT!(Hiate and Me scream in laughter, rolling on floor, while our vampire friend blushes deep red)

Issume: (pops out of nowhere and grabs the book) I need that!(poofs off again)

Hiate, Me, & Toby:...

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