Reviews for Consummate
maxnotevoltage chapter 1 . 11/15/2005
Wow. I feel like I just stepped into a new dimension...

You evoked some amazing images in this poem! You worded it all so beautifully... "like water hydrating the earth/ ...quenching the silence". That whole first stanza was awesome.

The detail was perfect - not overdone, and not too abstract. Just ... beautiful.

I really admire your work, and I give my compliments! Write on:-) -
Lowell Boston chapter 1 . 11/15/2005
Really love the existential quality you've captured here, and the block like structure you've created. To be honest it's one of the most original formattings for a poem I've seen in a long tine. Your opening stanza is amazing, as is your second!, but my favorite line is - I consummate loneliness...this chosen loneliness - which both drew me into your thoughts and idea while kicking your piece into a higher gear. In regards to the formating problems you say you're having I'd suggest writing in Netscape Communicator's composer page and to save your work in this file format - - It's always worked for me, though I have line break problems when I post stories, but that may because I have a Mac computer. Once again - well done and thanks for posting.