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kazahana chapter 50 . 3/2/2008
Please don't write alternate endings! I dislike them because it seems either a) the writer can't make up her mind, or b) the writer knows the readers won't like the ending and came up with the alternative to please them.

If Alex is really moving to Japan, I would like to read a sequel (hopefully shorter than 50 chapters!). If she's staying, I would prefer to read a few more chapters so that everything is wrapped up with a final epilogue.
MCM315 chapter 50 . 2/27/2008
What a great chapter. Very well written. I could feel the emotions and anger and...I loved it.

As for your question, I wouldn't suggest an alternate ending. That's not a good idea. You can have a few more full-length chapters before an epilogue if you feel you still have things to do, you know? You need to be satisfied with it, so don't worry about how many chapters there are.

As for a sequel, it depends on if you have a good plot. You don't want to do a sequel just for the heck of it and have Alex and Bryce break up, get back together, break up, etc. I can't stand that. So, you can end this one by having Alex move and that gives you some good story for the sequel. I do want Alex and Bryce to end up together, btw. Maybe you can have them sleep together at the end of this and then have Alex move and have to deal with the fallout of having sex with him, the distance between them, and missing him and all that. At the same time, you can have Bryce and Benji repairing their friendship while Alex is gone, so you'll have really two stories going on at the same time until Alex moves back :P lol. A lot can happen and it would be interesting seeing how they would handle a long-distance relationship.

Those are just suggestions. Feel free to e-mail me if you need any help brainstorming or whatever. I find it helps. Again, though, this was a great chapter. Now, I can't wait to see what happens!
midnightbeauty chapter 50 . 2/26/2008
Grr rawr damndamndamnhellcrapityjunk. Okay. Now that that's out of my system... Anywho. :O You should do 3... sounds fun XD Erg, how're you gonna finish in one chapter? Holy mackerel. Update!


Alenor chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
heya, this is a great chappie. but OMG i can't believe benji kissed her and then did it again! ahh well. can't wait for more ~ Alenor.
a.mooch chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
... it depends on what your going to do. If Alex and Bryce are going to break up, then make it however that would not happen. In my opinion, as long as

A) Alex does not move

B)Alex and Bryce stay together

C)Bryce and Benji are still friends

I'm pretty much good with anything. But if one of those things is missing... that would be sad *sob*
White Rose Blossom chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
Aw, poor peoples :(

I feel bad for all of them, hope things work out! Only one more chapter? Eek!

Cant wait for more!

emotionless-stares chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
AH! Benji why'd you do that? What about your friendship with Bryce! I know that he loves Alex but still...Ah..I hope Hina falls in love with him soon or something because he seems to confide to her in everything. I hope this doesn't ruin their friendship.
miss-life chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
PLEASE don't do alternate endings! I bet it's hard to decide how to end this story but I was always tought that an author wanted to tell his readers something through his story(and what can you tell through two endings?), and I really want to see how you pictured this story in the beginning!

God I make no sense am I?

Well it's your story and it's your choice but I would preffer any kind of ending (I can't really say sad or happy because that's a matter of perspective) than two different!

I hope you make the right choice ;)

Lochi chapter 50 . 2/25/2008
that was a fast update! :)

And very frustrating chapter, I tell you. I want Alex so badly with Bryce and her to stay in America. I don't know if alternative ending is a good thing, I'd better see only one end. With Bryce of course :) And sequel could be a good idea. Oh I feel so bad for all three. Alex must be confused, Benji hurt, Bryce maybe heartbroken, injured...what an end for our lovely characters. I hope Alex and Bryce'll talk need to solve their problrms and stay together after doing the naughty, what nicely surprised me haha
miss whoever chapter 50 . 2/24/2008
In regards to your ending in my opinion:

Alternative endings are very frustrating for a reader, because it doesn't give a definite ending, its a frustration to try and read the alternative endings and decide I like this one better so I'll stick with this one. Personally I just like to have the ending that the writer wanted.

Also, about a sequel... this story is 50 chapters long it could be cut in half! lol I think a sequel would drag it out a bit

Its always the writers choice, these are just my opinions.
asianbabe92 chapter 50 . 2/24/2008
I was really glad to see the chapter update,

but sad at the same time because it meant we were getting even closer to the end.


but now after reading such an overwhelming and exciting chapter.

I'm just bursting with joyy!

I really hope you will consider doing the sequel because I always wonder about the characters after a story ends.

and with a sequel, I would get to remain a part of their lives even longer.

a sequel would also help a lot because we could be able to see Benji's story within Bryce and Alex's story.

He could have his happy ending (hopefully with Hina).

thanks so much for this chapter.

it was amazing!

(I mean, who doesn't love drama... when it doesn't include them)

EoSpHoRuS chapter 50 . 2/24/2008

I still want her with Bryce! I'm sorry for Benji but I still want her with Bryce!

You suck by making her go to Japan, by the way...

x3life chapter 50 . 2/24/2008
omg ah! they were being all happy and now the dramas out in the open... wow i cant believe he did that... its like intense. i dont know if i like it or not. cuz i kinda wanted benji to end up with that girl hes been talking to a lot, but he deserves the person he loves... ahh too confuzing. ( but anyways loved this chapter and looking forwards to reading the next one to see how this open love triangle has resulted in!
Claire-a-bell chapter 7 . 2/24/2008
Good story, but the dinner scene is straight out of one of the Mighty Duck movies.
Jaeiyola chapter 50 . 2/24/2008
Go Benji! Yes, I'm still waiting for the day when Alex forgets about Bryce and go for Benji. I loved this chapter and enjoyed the action among the triangle greatly. Looking forward to your next update.
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