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Ck90 chapter 21 . 4/26/2006
Hail and Darcy sitting in a I just feel like annoying someone today! And well I annoyed everyone in school so it's your turn! *grins evilly* But I will not reveal my crazy self all the way. (I am actually an escaped loon, but shush don't tell anyone!) LMAO Ok back to the main story, Darcy likes Hail! I think, well Hail is scarry but not inn a bad osrt of way. WHy is Devon so concerned about Hail? YEs I think everybody likes Gale including me, he is just so... you know words are useles sometimes but you know what he is, other than handsome, romantic, stupid, intelligent; just what anybody wants in a guy! WEll I really am looking foward to the next chapter becasue I want to get insides DArcys head, he he. I thought it was really sweet how Darcy consideres devon as a family member! I forgot to say in the last chapter Mrs. Sharden totally ROcks! Such a cool mom! WHoah I got inspired writing this.
Ginne chapter 20 . 4/25/2006
I just read these 20 chapters in one go and i'm looking forward to more!until then,

tearitrightup chapter 20 . 4/22/2006
I'm starting to like the story better, and you know why? it's because you added Hail more into this story. I don't really know how that affected me so much, but it did. update soon!
Rose Jameson chapter 20 . 4/21/2006
hahah I LOVE the cheesiness lol My vote lets se eitherHailGaleKevin and NinaORDarcy

any those would EXCITE me! lol I CANT WAIT FOR MORE!
b. snizenhimer chapter 20 . 4/21/2006
i don't know if you ever get to my reviews but here i go. i think it would be cool beans to do a story on hail or that model chick. the model chick(don't know how to spell her name)she seems like she's keeping alot of stuff secret and that would be cool to find out. and i think it would be cool to find out about hail past. or even max's brothers past. or even her brothers. i heat bologna and chesse
dorydafish chapter 20 . 4/21/2006

Um just to say…

Puji does have a crush on him whatever she says now because she admitted it to me like last week. Not that she would have a crush on him if she spent like a couples of days with him straight.

Actually, I was meant to go to the library to revise with him and make sure he does today…I just couldn’t be bothered. LOL! I don’t think he appreciated being blown off…OOPS! Maybe Puji can go to the library and help him instead…MWAHAHHA!

He’s like other guys I know, get easily distracted by any hot person in the vicinity. How shallow is that? So why on earth Puji has a crush on him I will never know.

Not that I can say anything…The person I like is like the shallowest person ever. He like objectifies girls and that’s why he can’t she me as a girlfriend type girl coz that would just defy the point in having a girlfriend. Apparently im also too insane and im just there for laughs. My friends keep saying well it’s your fault for saying no to him when he asked you out but they don’t seem to get that he was insulting me the whole lesson just to annoy me and then asked me out as a joke. They are like guys behave like that in weird ways. I will never get them. And revising with him…let’s not go there. Hehehe. His eyes wonder to every girl walking past and I actually once snapped at him and said can you please stop checking out girl? He got kind of offended by that! But at least he listened to me the rest of the tie.

He’s kind of like my Gale in real life except he isn’t deaf or nice. LOL! Okay so I just they aren’t similar. I think he’s more like Kyle to be fair. I’ve got like 25 reviews for the last chapter. I was like OMG!

HAHA! But you know what’s really annoying? When someone IM’s you and you’re not in the room and when you come back they’ve gone offline. That’s what happened the other day but yesterday I spoke to HIM! WHOOHOO! Not that it was fun coz he was just annoying me and freaking me out by telling me that he stalks me and that he knows where I live. (I only figured out afterwards that obviously he knows where I live if he gave me a ride home that day – stupid me)

OKAY: to the story…

NINA AND KEVIN! Definitely. They are now my next favourite couple. There is something I don’t like about Hail.

I don’t really know what it is but I know that he’s no good. Especially when Gale and Darcy came into the room. I FELT SO SORRY FOR HIM WHEN HE SAW HAIL AND DEVON TOGETHER! You know the saddest line in that chapter was: ““You couldn’t play Blue Moon before,” Gale said softly. Did he… actually look sad?” I dunno why but that line really got to me.


But if you had a mental breakdown then it’s GALE!

I cant wait for her to dance…is that going to be any time soon.?

Is the next chapter going to be up as quick as the others?

EEK I just remembered I need to go and get a birthday present for tomorrow. ARRGGHH! Hmm! Or I could just tell Jamie to go find one and pay him half the money for it. Why is it that I always end up getting birthday presents with him. I think the girls that crush on him seriously want to kill me…obviously except puji…she just hates me. HEHHEH! It’s not enough that we go to the same school but she wants my friends as well. LOL! JOKE! I have like done hardly any revision today…I’m so bad…I’m turning lazy…not that I wasn’t lazy before.

Hm clubbing is not really my seen…what do I do? LOL!


OKAY I’m so going right this minute….

Meh I don’t want to though.

But for the sake of humanity I will.

I think that my reviews are getting shorter and shorter…this is not good…maybe when exams are over I will review more, but I have seemed to lost my MOJO because I’m all stressed. NO GOOD I TELL YOU! Even though the story is probably going to be finished before then with the rate that you are going. How many chapters are left because I am sure that before you said that there was not going to be more than 20 chapters and here we are with 20 chapters and its not done…THANK GOSH! I don’t even know what I’m going to do if this story stops. Maybe I’ll have to concentrate more on my story…


I really should write another chapter sometime soon!


UPDATE THOUGH! (yay I said it before the p.s.!)


P.s. I don’t actually have anything to right at the end of this review now except for TOODLES! (hehehe)
Tres chapter 20 . 4/21/2006
I think theres a clog in my throat. Its a thing when I am touche in the heart or drown under the! Ahh.. I think I'm gonna cry.. My tooth is rotting.. OMG! I think this is the best chap ever written eventhough its a short one..
Hydie chapter 20 . 4/21/2006's my vote. (And I really liked this chapter by the way.) vote #1 for Gale... vote #2 Devon (of course) I really liked your cast of characters, but as these are the most fleshed out... I think I also like Cedric. :) I don't know who you should do your special chapter on.
Puji chapter 20 . 4/21/2006

Im glad you liked my last review! Lol i just tried to read over it again and it made no sense at all! Hehe

O a special chapter eh? Hm, normally i would say Gale but i may be being bias coz i have a crush on him! Well, yea you're probably right saying Hail, because he just seems so suspicious! And someone else in a review put it well saying 'he's a better version of Gale!' Lol but im getting quite intrigued with Darcy as well. Its so weird how she's a model but not a people person. Tell us her secrets please! OK so if i have to vote for one of them then it will have to be Darcy because im sure we're gunna find out a lot about Hail during piano lessons with Devon!

Now this is gunna be even harder. My favourite character? It's gotta be Rolfe! It's so FUNNY how he's just trying to kiss Devon. Lol the next Romeo and Juliet scenes are sure to be hilarious! No, Im just kidding... really my favourite character is Gale (surprising? Not really)! I found it so cute when he was getting jealous of Rolfe and how he wants to learn how to fight for Devon! Isnt he just perfect? *dreams happily*

Sorry, getting a bit carried away. But yea, i want to see a bit more of Kevin and Nina as well, if thats possible. They deserve to be happy as well! Hey, that could be a whole other spin-off story! Dun dun dun... lol everyone kept saying it so i randomly just stuck it in! Hehe

Oh and i have to say WELL DONE on the very fast update. Even tho im meant to be revising, it always makes me feel good when i can take a break to read your truly amazing story!

Talk to you later )

P.S You're so lucky that you dont have a brother. Mine's always punching me and it really can hurt. STUPID MEANY PIG! Ahh, you have a little sister! They're so CUTE! Wish i did...
Bookworm925 chapter 20 . 4/21/2006
Wa! Jelly xa! Shucks! Bagay si darcy at hail...? hehehe...

basta,galing mo tlaga...
Hanban chapter 20 . 4/20/2006
My God! I am SO in love with this story! I mean, Hail and Darcy and Nina then Kevin! Like, HOLY FRICKIN SHIT! They are all so totally cool! LOL! And I don't care if someone reads this review! Bwahahahahaha! And yes! I totally agree with Bookworm925! You ARE a genius! Woohoo! Go you! And yes, can I vote for more than one character? Hehe!

I vote for: Gale of course! And Darcy and Hail! Woohoo! And in no doubt, the heroine of the story, Devon! Nyahahaha!

Oh, and put more details on Darcy's life! It's interesting! Kinda. Hehe! So hope you'll update more! And yes! Hell I'm gonna read The Piper and the Doll! Heeheeyahahahahaharhar! And also, have you read my review about my school's name thingy? The St. Scholastica's Academy thing? Hope you did!

Oh well! That's it! More on reading!

Hanban chapter 17 . 4/20/2006
LOL! Whee! I'm so high! Well, not really. I can only be really high when I drink a Mocha Frap! Ha ha!

Wow. So Devon, really kissed Gale? Wow! I really can imagine the sundress and thye look Devon now has! And I did so laugh when Devon said that "There really can be two Gale's in the world". And yes! You really made a quick update! Lol! And you, a sadist? He he! -giggles evilly- And yes, there IS such a thing as an evil giggle! Heeheeyahaha! :P

And sad thing to say but, I didn't actually cried but I sorta kinda awed when Gale kinda gave Devon the cold shoulder. Hehe!

So anyways, I'll be reading chappy 18 now! Wahaha!
Hanban chapter 16 . 4/20/2006
Oh my God! Gale kissed Devon! If I'm totally alone in a room and I'm rereading this chapter, I would totally scream! But sadly, I'm in an internet cafe 'coz I'm far away from my computer (sad). And I wouldn't want people to look at me weirdly because I lost my cool by reading a story. They might even say that I'm looking thru an X-rated site if I did become crazy! Ha-ha! That's just me!

So anyways, we all know that Devon really is in love with Gale! Harhar! :p And also congrats for having more than 200 reviews! Way to go!

OohMyAngiie chapter 20 . 4/20/2006
yeah it seems like darcy has some secrets she's hiding... something related to her childhood past and such i assume. dun dun DUN! *pouts* fine... i'll remain quiet while you ramble on more about this 'deaf' situation *grumbles* i'm not a very patient girl so type type type! haha...a sisterly moment... i'm the only child. well if you can half sis a sis... okay yeah she does count as a sis huh? well, a great chapter as always! a SMALL ITSY BITSY grammar mistake, but that doesn't really matter since this plot just takes me away. aw gale wants to learn how to fight. how sweet... now i'm thinking something is going to happen between devon and hail...DUN DUN DUN!

Wicked Sunshine chapter 20 . 4/20/2006
I'm forming a Mrs. Scharden fan club with Trickster Goddess (j/k). Seriously, I can just imagine a Mrs. Scharden special chapter...

Mrs. Scharden speaks, revealing that she is indeed The Voice of God. She knows all. She controls all. She reveals her clever plot to pair up all of the characters despite their crippling insecurities.

Fear her mad rich woman powers.
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