Reviews for Temple of Air
maxnotevoltage chapter 1 . 6/15/2006
Oh my goodness! Never, ever put down your work - especially not in the summary! Even if "nothing happens" in this story, it is definitely worth reading. But people will not think that if it seems like even you don't think so.

But, alas, I digress. Though the plot doesn't go anywhere, it is the perfect start of a story that could. Your descriptions are amazing - they really make the reader feel like (s)he is there in the action. The characters are also portrayed very well. Mind if I quote you?:

[...his guide stood slightly away, hands clasped behind his back, with an expression that showed he was quite used to this stranger putting every little detail in writing. He was even polite enough not to look bored.]

That whole part was awesome. It really gives the reader a sense that these guys have known each other for at least a little while. As you said, Katon has gotten "used to" Professor ce-Darod's ways.

A very intriguing piece! There are so many different directions you could move this story in. And even if you don't continue it, another remarkable thing about this story is its ability to stand on its own. It makes perfect sense, even without continuing. Whatever you choose to do, write well and have fun!