Reviews for Bravo
A Tree chapter 1 . 11/23/2005
*claps* I loved it!

Adé makes me happy XD

Wonderful job!
Serialcode A chapter 1 . 11/22/2005

Was that it? o_o;;

Cause if it was, I think I'll cry. These two make me happy, and it makes me even happier to think of them going at it like rabbits. Adé is quite the charmer isn't he? You know, your writing style reminds me a lot of Dianna Wynne Jones. Ever read "Howl's Moving Castle"? I should hope so, lovely book.

But anyway.

I must say your dialogue is wonderful. My little cabbage... heh, he's just too great. I think I like the part when Demissie asks if it's lonely.

"Terrible so. Good night."

So blunt, so wonderful. Love it. Adé's personality is quite wonderful. I'd love to know more about what they look like-I'd love to draw/doll them. :D Again, I'd love more. This was the best thing I've read on this site all night. It made my day-even if it is 9:20PM where I live.

Oh, right. Loved the last conversation.

VampireBillionare/Gypsy/Shapeshifter attraction is love. xD

LOVE. Yes.