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Chels chapter 13 . 9/3/2007
Geez, nice ending lindz. seriously, you dropped off way to soon. They didn't even make out! lol

but i really do like it. now you just have to work on your other flippen stories k?

Much luv!
Murphy's Lawyer chapter 13 . 3/24/2006
Oh my god oh my God oh my God! I thought I was gonna bawl my eyes out reading this, Vira! I have to say, I really wanted to smack Dayton to. I was cheering when I read that Kat smacked him! And when she smacked and puched Nat, I was banging my head on the monitor! The two are made for each other! And I liked how it ended! And also when Nat and Kat were fighting the whole time, I wanted to bang their heads together, so instead I banged my own head! As you can see, I did a lot of banging reading this story... But it was in a good way. Please keep writing! And I can't remember of you read it already, but the second chapter of Strong Links up... Read and review! Chap. 3's coming soon!
Lola Maria chapter 13 . 12/29/2005
LMAO! just HAD to put in Buffy and Spike. You rock! You totally do. But omg...did you HAVE to insult it? Like, it is SO not a soap's a drama, like ER or Grey's Anatomy or some other show that is not a hospital/docotr show that I don't quite know the name of. And it's sorta a comedy too. And an action/adventure thing. Oh! And it enforced women power...I mean..can it get any cooler? Shame I'm not obsessed with it anymore...*sigh*...but, yes. Some fanfic IS should read some non-gross fanfic...then you wouldn't hate it so much. Kk...back to reviewing ur story. Aw...they are already comfortable enough around each other to kid sweet. you add Rent. You SO rock. This was an AWESOME chapter. I loved it so much. So...Kat would be Mimi and Nat is Roger? No...Kat is more a Maureen, then Nat would prolly end up either Collins or Mark. Whichever.

OMG...*tear*. It can't be just can't be...I'll miss it so much. Oh well. That other story you're working on is pretty good so far. You should write a bit more then post it ASAP. Cuz...I can't review on Melancholy cuz I already read it all. And edited, mind you. Lol. a new story soon. LYLAS

Luvs and Hugs, ~Nicole~
Maddie Fyrce chapter 13 . 12/27/2005
Overall story reveiw: Excellent! You did great with linking one chapter to the next. I mean, it flowed. And your characters were great! You hated Nelly right away but then you felt sorry for her when you found out about her home life. You fell in love with Dayton and Nat at the same time and you couldn't really decide who to root for (though personally I'm a fan of underdogs, so Nat was my personal preferance). When you found out that Dayton was a total ass, you were in shock. It actually kinda suprised me that Nat took Kat back so easily. But then again, it fits well with his overall demeanor. Hes kind and forgiving like that. Kat was exactly the kind of chick we all like. Shes 'spunky' and cool and, yes, a little quick with her fists. Pretty much I love this story. Haha.

Lola Maria chapter 12 . 12/26/2005
Wow...that must suck. To have one friend who never really liked you in the first place. Oh...and they are partners in gym. That is really gonna suck for Kat. sweet. Nat lied to Kat's parents together. Good job Nat! Lol. Aw...sweet ending.

That was good, but it ended in a really suspenseful spot. Update now! Right now! Go now!

Luvs and Hugs, ~Nicole~
Maddie Fyrce chapter 12 . 12/26/2005
yay! best use of Avril Lavigne lyrics ever ! i really really hope that Nat and Kat ket together. I mean, their names even rhyme. How totaly adorable would that be? Best chapter yet! Im guessing the last ones will blow everyone away. I DONT WANT IT TO BE OVER *collapses in tears*
Maddie Fyrce chapter 11 . 12/24/2005
OMG! OMG! DAYTON WAS A JERK ALL ALONG! NO! Thats ok. I wanted Nat to win out anyway. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that its not going to be either of them in the end, but some totaly random, obscure kid? Hmm...
Lola Maria chapter 11 . 12/23/2005
Oh...prediction...the couple are Dayton and Abby-Lou...please let me be right. That'd be so cool. Oh! What if Nelly was in on the plan. Like, the whole crying thing was all an act to get Kat on that bus and made to feel like shit for even thinking she could get Dayton. But how would they know Kat would be at the coffee shop? And why would they want Kat to find out? And wouldn't they think she'd be at Little Shop of Horrors practice? And is Nelly good at acting. And...I'm gonna stop and read the rest fo the chapter now cuz I'm thinking too much and getting WAY ahead of myself.

YES! I was right about Dayton and Abby-Lou. Go me! Haha...I guessed a cliche amazing. Lol. Oh...definitely not a good line on Dayton's part. Like, seriously. How stupid can you get? NICE! Love that slap. Way to go Kat! Lol. Wow...I'm getting really into this...can you tell? Ouch! How thick can Dayton possibly be? Like, seriously. Sheesh. He should die. Badly. With blood. And gore. By the attacking rabid Canadian squirrels AND the attacking orange peels that swallow you whole! Lol. Sorry...both are inside jokes. Sorry if you don't all really get it. Lol. But it's rather funny, don't you think? Yes...Nat was right. Stupid Kat for not believing.

Great chapter. Good job with the "compromising situation"...being on the bus was a great touch. Update soon please!

Luvs and hugs, ~Nicole~
Maddie Fyrce chapter 10 . 12/23/2005
Yay! good job! *claps enthusiasticly*
This Paper Heart chapter 10 . 12/21/2005
I love it. I love the story, and the great Chapter titles, the plot, the people, it's all great. You're a good writter, and I hope this story stays just as good.
Lola Maria chapter 10 . 12/21/2005
Aw...Kat and Nelly are gonna make up...sweet. comforting of Kat. "What the hell is up with Miss Nelly?" Nice. Aw...they share crappy best-friendish. It's rather sweet. Nice touch with hair...yup. Guess she does have a heart.

Another great chapter...update soon please.

Luvs and Hugs, ~Nicole~
Lola Maria chapter 9 . 12/17/2005
Nice dream...but that must be a really bad place to wake up. Seriously. Oh, caught by the parents. Definitely NOT good...but rather funny. That's never happened to me yet tho. *giggle* Heehee...the 16 thing. That really bites. Glad I got my parents to change it to 14...communication really does go a long way. Whoa...overreaction with Nat. Complete overreaction. Like...seriously. Lucky for Kat, she can slap hard. Lol. Wow. If I were her, I'd pick Nat...cuz I have a real knack for trusting people. Not always a good thing.

I loved this chapter too. It was awesome. Update!

Luvs and Hugs, ~Nicole~
Maddie Fyrce chapter 9 . 12/16/2005
aww! thats so sad! poor nat! poor kat! aw!
Maddie Fyrce chapter 8 . 12/14/2005
aw so sweet! i love it! haha. im guessing this is the part inspired by our very own nicole? lol
Lola Maria chapter 8 . 12/14/2005
Haha...Abby-Lou: forced to be nice. How classic and wonderful. It's so fun. Overprotective dad...yea, I have one of those, although he is a bit more lenient with boys. Lol. Aw...he paid for her. How cute. My bf didn't pay for me there...oh wait, ex-bf. Still.

That kiss was way more romantic than mine was. First, we were not by the fence. Second, he did not touch my face. Third, it was nowhere near that long. Fourth, he didn't say that at the end. This one is better. Maybe if I ever get a new bf that'll happen. I hope it does. Heehee.

Good chapter...short, but good. Keep writing, post a new one soon.

Luvs and Hugs, your inspiration for the story, aka ~Nicole~
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