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jono chapter 12 . 5/7/2007
i love love love alex and conrad. esp. conrad. and alex too. but thats cuz he's chinese WOOT! not too many china characters out there. plus he's hella dorky haha he needs to either just go for it or give up...loser...and conrad's so the omg-i-must-stalk-him type. HE LIKES ART DUH. and he's emoing off of life. how hot is that? lol. but yes your story is amazingly different from other people's, even though you have a few of the cliched characters, but every good story needs em right? But it's disappointing that you're not updating this, or any of your other ones. Any reason why? Wont stop hoping though, even IF it takes a meteor to knock you in the head and bring ya back updating :)
Crazy.Until.Proven.Otherwise chapter 13 . 8/25/2006
Wow. I think Dom sounds bad. Devilish little child. Bad childhood or some such shit is what some people would say.

Conrad's surprising me. Like the title of this chapter says, but hey! Lots of things surprise me these days.

Alex Alex Alex. He's an idiot. If he told Conrad what he thought and felt, none of this would happen but no, wait until Dom finds out. And I get that funny little feeling that if Dom knows, everyone knows.

Update, coz I've just finished reading and it's interesting. I want to find out what happens.

Love Jaqki
Crazy.Until.Proven.Otherwise chapter 9 . 8/24/2006
Ingrid scares me. She's like "ROAR" and Jude's like "Squeak". Yes.

I like this story. I like it lots. It's interesting. And Dom's cool. I mean, I know he's the bad guy but that doesn't mean I can't like him.

Loved the sketches. I mean really loved them. Are you an artist or something, coz I think I'd buy one of those and put it on my bedroom wall. Hehe.

Keep it up!

Love Jaqki

x hehe
Crazy.Until.Proven.Otherwise chapter 3 . 8/24/2006
Hey! Actually Dom reminds me of a guy I know...Yes, I would like to hit him over the head with a baseball bat, but he is funny...

Great story! I love it! Alex sounds so- cool- except that he's in love with Conrad. That could be seriously damaging to all relationships.

Mal's brilliant! Sounds like one of my friends, short, orange streaks in her hair, but you wouldn't dare mess with her...not if you didn't want to end up in Intensive Care. Hehe.

I think I'll go finish the story reading now. I'll review later.

Cya! Jaqki
Dirty-Angel-Toes chapter 13 . 8/12/2006
Okay, I finally get the time to read every single word of this properly (the first chance I've had for ages) and it's on freakin' hiatus. I think I may die.I also don't think I can express how much I love it. Well, not without squealing like a rabid fangirl anyway. And I'm far too manly for that. Nah, in all seriousness I love it, I love you and hate that I'm *not* you. Coz damn, you're far better than I could ever hope to be. I shall now go drown in envy.

- Ryan
Orangeena chapter 13 . 7/3/2006
Just discovered this story, and I really like it. Jude is a great character, I love him. And although you warn us readers about Dom, I believe he does have an endearing side and I just hope that sometime in the future of the alternate universe he finds somebody who he values for more than a one night stand.
Fay Wray chapter 2 . 6/18/2006
Oh, mleh, I didn't mean may or may not ever write more, either, because you said you will eventually, and I believe you, I just mean if you- Oh I GIVE UP. Yes, I felt it necessary to add not one, but two post script reviews anonymously. Because I am sonotbutsototallycool like that. Terms and conditions apply. I mean hi. PURPLE SNEAKERS. Hyperness came uon suddenly and unexpectedly. And admittedly, part of my reasoning for adding another anonymous review was TOTALLY so I could use the name, because I remembered that I can put whatever name for anonymous reviews and yeah hi bye. Remember when I said I'll stop typing at the end of the first of this little series of reviews? Yeah maybe oughtta have listened to m'self. Or not, I dunno. Where did the hyperbouncy insaneness COME from?
Rinna chapter 1 . 6/18/2006
And oh psh, I forgot to add that I don't CARE if the story is on hiatus and you may or may not ever write more of it again, I'm going to review it as though you are. And if you don't? Meh. Someday, if you still haven't touched it after a longish time (well, time being relative) I'll just start pestering you to tell me about what you were going to do with the story. Heh.
Rinna chapter 13 . 6/18/2006
Yeah. I suck at life. And reviewing this chapter. Blah. So because I finally realized this, (A MONTH. It's been a MONTH, and I haven't reviewed! I never even read it! Which is, I suppose, why I never reviewed. Still.) So I'm going to play the review as I read game. Try to, anyway.

Days beginning and ending with darkness. Huh. Sounds familiar. Like winter HERE. Dont even talk to me about cold, boy. Yes, I am talking to your character more than you. Sush. Yes I spelled it wrong on purpose. Wow. I really can't stop myself, can I? I type, I ramble. Well, when it's someone with whom I know I can get away with it, anyway. Yeah. Story. I'm reading teh story.

Heh. My hair is amazingly long too. And I would NEVER walk home from school. Though way back in the day when my sister went to highschool still, she biiked it a couple times, so it could be I'm just a wimp. Heh. It's about a ten minute drive.

Hu. If I think about sighing, I can't not sigh.

Oh, I knew this was going to happen. It's not so much a review as random commentary, I suppose. Then again, I'm sure you don't mind terribly. And if it's really, really long? Maybe that's make up for me taking so hideously long. Yeah. (Heh. My comments are random enough that I'd laugh if you can't even remember what you wrote that I'm commenting on)

See, Jude, your first problem? You're trying to get this friendship thing right with DOM. Think about it a moment.

Pygmalion the play is what My Fair Lady was based on.

Wow. Jude? Seduce someone? I just- can't see it. It would make me laugh. He's way too innocent. Even with DOm's help, he'd probably feel silly and end up botching it.

Okay, "leprechaunic loverboy" is officially the best, funniest description of Korin -ever-.

You know, I think when someone keeps their voice or face completely blank when you know they should be feeling something, I think sometimes that can say almost as much as the emotion they're supressing would. Did that make sense? To anyone but me, at least?

Just... these two sentences made me unbelievably love Jude. "You surprise me." "You underestimate me". That was just the- it was the essence of the previous bit of that exchange, and kind of the essence of Jude. Very cool moment.

That and I really do admire Jude standing there and insisting on askinf Dom what Dom might do to him. I get the feeling Dom doesn't really get that. Everyone else is so busy warning people away from him, that I imagine- yeah. Impressive thing for Jude to have done. I love how Jude has a way of seeming so innocent and meek most of the time, then has these moments revealing a surprising inner strength that people normally just wouldn't see. Even the reader.

I also find it interesting how Dom basically seems to be trying to hook Jude and Korin up.

I love that last bit of Jude's part, too. It made me laugh. Dom -is- fucking batshit insane, isn't he?

Yay Alex! I was randomly hoping that the next scene would be either Alex or Conrad. I like them, still.

Alex's feelings for Canrad are really sweet. I mean, I've thought that before. I'm just commenting on it again.

Yay! They flipped into a normal conversation! I like it when they have conversations. As opposed to Conrad being all reticent.

Someday Alex is going to suffer. It's not easy, healthy, or possibe forever to suppress feelings that intense. Hum. It'll be interesting to see what happens when it boils over in some way. Knowing you, I'm sure it'll happen eventually. But yeah, he's probably right in saying that someday it's going to break him.

For some reason, I love Conrad in that moment. Where he simply asks Dom to give back Alex's key.

Hell. I'd take the key back even if someone I didn't like kissed it. Wouldn't make a difference to me. I don't see it phasing Conrad in the slightest, either.

Wow. Dom went straight for where it hurts, with Alex. Makes one wonder if Jude isn't somewhere cloase to the same level -where it would hurt, so to speak- with Dom, to some degree. It's not like Dom to tip his hand so easily. Hn. Interesting.

Meanwhile, it's interesting, because I won't read Alex's reaction to those words until I scroll down. I'm

I didn't finsh typing that sentence. But- aw. That made me really sad. That Alex's first thought was to cuse himself for feeling that way in the first place.

Ugh, that's- urgh. Unfortunately, it's true, the hand that Dom just chose to tip has now given him absolute power over Alex. Shit. What a neat little power-play series of mind-games this is.

Wow. It's-weird. For the first time, it's a little weird for me, reading this. I think this moment, just more than any other, just brought home the level of manipulation, mind games, power play going on here. And it's weird for me because I've never- never -been- inside anything on this level. I don;t mind reading it, find it absolutely fascinating to see how it'll all play out, but I couldn't even imagine being part of something like this in real life. In real life? This would all- I think it would make me feel kind of sick, almost. Heck, someone doing an extremely amateur version of cat-games and power plays among my friends upset me so badly that I literally ranted to my mother, crying, for I don't even know how long.

And you know what? It's the way you wrote it that really made it hit me like this. The Dom-Alex part. The sense of Alex realizing the power he relinquished to Dom. It felt very- like a game. Like a cold, manipulative, strategic sort of game, and life treated coldly like a game is sort of- unnerving. And- okay, I'll get over it and keep reading now. Eheh.

And augh, it makes me sad again! "Being cut to pieces from the inside out" That's just... sad. In a sort of painful way.

...and suddenly I'm somehow reminded of Cut. Being "cut" to pieces, you know... Right. I read WAY too much manga.

Oh, hey. your author note is so true! Huh. I wonder if it hit anyone else as strongly at that moment what a bastard Dom can truly be. For me, though, the word bastard doesn't sound right. Cold, calculating and manipulative fit better. Which would, in fact, be the words I'd use to refer to the devil. A devil. Muraki, too. Heh.

So yes, -I- find that you've clearly illustrated exactly what you've been trying to say about Dom in this chapter. amoral. Yep. That word works too. Still... I don't -like- him, per say, but then again, I was never in the Dom fanclub. But I don't completely dislike him, either. Won't unless I learn that he has no feelings or emotions along with no morals. And so far, if based on nothing but his interactions with Jude, he hasn't shown that. Interesting thought, interesting thing to realize- being without morals doesn't necessarily imply that you're without felings or emotions. Just that morality isn't part of your being. It's an interesting distinction. Wow. This has really got me thinking. I love things that make me think about interesting-I-forgot-the-word-I-was-going-to-use-quite-suddenly. That was odd.

I now actually don't have much to say about the review responses. I still find the clique ting interesting. Maybe it's a privat versus public school thing? On top of a girl's school versus coed thing? Or maybe it's just your school was different than my school, hey.

this is so funny. I think we've finally officially switched. When not in the air-conditioned downstairs of my house (which is half underground and thus actually remains very, very cool, it's nice), I am dying of the heat. And you are complaining about cold. It make me want to crack up and start giggling maniacally. Like a hyema. Or Johnny Depp. Mua. Mua ha. Mua hah aha.

... I'll stop typing now.
Mage Dudette chapter 13 . 6/5/2006
ahh late review here _;

ooh, dom's getting his way again, can't be having that! poor alex, i can't really imagine yet the look on conrad's face when he does find out (discounting 'if' here) although i can imagine it being in a very funny situation somehow. just not-so-funny from alex's pov, but most likely dom's..

and woo go jude! talking back at dom *cheers him on* i think the tutoring sessions are gna b great btw! overall, great chappie too!

and its the end of my clg now! *cries* im gna miss it. its over as far as lessons are concerned, but i still have six exams over the next three or so weeks, and then it is truly over. yay for study leave! _ and also, i have the same 'ahh!' panicked feeling thinking of fending for myself at uni come sept/oct.

and extra yay-ness for mini-conversations *big grin* awesome-ness.
swordgirl-amy chapter 13 . 5/31/2006
Okay I have now read what you have of "You know what I mean" and now this story, "Chasing The Touch".

I must say...You totaly and completely Rock!

These stories area really kick ass!

I love Kerin! Hot nerds, you got to fantasize over them *sighs*

And Dom is freaking hot as hell.

I am very intriged by Conrad, he is a bit of a mystery, an enigma if you will.

I can't wait to find out more about him.

And Jude. Jude is the sweetest thing ever!

What a cutie pie _

I love Mal as well, she spookaly remindes me of my best friend.

But she is not as perverted as Vanessa...I don't think anyone in the world is, she is the Queen of Perverntness.

I really, really love your stories.

So much so I opited to read your stuff as apposed to the new Sherriyn Kenyon book I just bought.

And she is one of my favoirte authers ever!

I will be waiting, in agnony, for the next chapter to be posted.

I can't wait to find out what happens next in "Chasing The Touch"

Please update soon!

Your now very and whole heartly Fan reader.

D.H. L'Orange chapter 13 . 5/16/2006

: )

Midnights Scream chapter 13 . 5/16/2006
Weel it's good that you can't think of an ending because then it might be sad!:). I feel bad for Alex and I'd rather Dom go for Alex rather tham Conrad, but it's your story and Dom is very clever so do what you must and keep writing it's very good and keeps you quessing
Hallo456 chapter 13 . 5/14/2006
hey,Very interesting, can't wait to see what is going to happen for writingBye
Marie chapter 13 . 5/14/2006
Wow, Jude is finally growing a backbone. The way he thought about mind games and how he got tired of playing them at his old school left me intrigued. It implies that he participated and that he could be skillful at playing people. Does he have a nasty side? Is he really as innocent as he seems?
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