Reviews for Luna's Sol
Enaid chapter 9 . 7/16/2007
noNOnoNOnoNOnoNO patina wasnt suppose to die. some glorifying something was suppose to come and save her. poor child the torment she lived through.

at least reya and nigel are together
Enaid chapter 6 . 7/16/2007
yes! toxic and raye woot!

ok got that out. loving this story. but i want to learn more about patina and her teacher
Enaid chapter 5 . 7/16/2007
amazing chapter no constructed critacism left. Love it so much. patina is one interesting character. future prediction that tox girl and raye will end up together
Enaid chapter 4 . 7/16/2007
a bit confusing at the end but i think i mostly got it down.

yay sylvia is his mother! and they are starting to get closer which is good b/c together i bet nigel and mireya will be very powerful but stupid toxicgirl will be getting in the way
Enaid chapter 3 . 7/16/2007
thinking that the woman's voice is the one in the movie and nigels mom... maybe. i like that now the characters are started to be more developed and more are introduced. i dont understand though why mireya didnt seem to have many friends or hang out with them at all. that part was never really explained
Enaid chapter 2 . 7/16/2007
i feel like i dont know enough about the characters or maybe im just use to the bantering between ladon and tess that i love so much and just need to get use to the new story.

the story also is going kinda fast. a lot happens and very little is explain. most likely b/c the two do not know much themselves but i would like to learn more
fire-breathing-kitten chapter 1 . 12/2/2005
Yay, NaNoWriMo! I did it too, story fell horribly, horribly short of the 50,0 word limit.

Anyway, about this story...well, so far, it's really caught my interest; very mysterious...I think Mireya's a bit of a Mary Sue (overly perfect female character), but then again, I'm only on ch.1.
AmbieChan chapter 1 . 12/2/2005
This story rocks! i love it! Keep updating it! i want to read MORE!

thx for reading my review.

PS its kewl