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perchatki chapter 3 . 3/20/2011
I can't believe this story doesn't have more reviews. Your writing is extemely accomplished and mature, the characters are vivid and real, and while I may have no clue where the story is going (I can't remember the blurb, and I'm only just finished chapter 3) that isn't a problem. It is frequently the better novels in which the plot cannot deduced in its entireity from the first three pararaphs, and so I have much optimism for the rest of the story.

I would particularly like to commend your characters' speech for being natural and realistic (so often dialogue contains words peoply just don't say), and your language in general not getting in the way of the story you're telling. Often writers are keen to demonstrate their linguistic prowess, and in doing so draw attention to the language itself in a way which detracts from the story. Your language, while being, as I said, accomplished, is so in a quiet way which does not draw attention to itself and allows the story to be told.
Mariam chapter 30 . 5/26/2010
What's this story doing on fictionpress?

This story is WAY TOO AMAZING to be on this site, but I'm glad that it's here so I could have the opportunity to read this incredible story! (And before we continue, I would like to warn you that my grammar is not so good so... please don't judge me based on the number of mistakes you find :P)

First of all, I found this story through La Campanella website. Great job on the title; it's what caught my eye at first and it reflects the story perfectly. There are so many good things about this story I don't know where to start...The writing itself is so sophisticated, there are no grammar errors and I don't think I saw a single typo or spelling mistake in the thirty chapters. I love the characters, even though at first I doubted whether I could really get into a story with a 70 year-old protagonist, but chapter by chapter I found myself loving dear Agatha more and more. I love the reflections Agatha makes about life and will try to keep it in mind even if Elizabeth did not. The voice of the story is so natural and everything flows so well (unlike this fragmented, completely disorganized review.) My only criticism, and it's more of a comment than anything, is I thought the ending didn't fit the story that well. The rest of the story flows so well and everything feels so natural, but this chapter just felt out of place. I felt as if this was a scene that needed to be included in the story, but not as the ending. To me, it almost felt as if this was an issue that had not yet been resolved in the story, so it got tagged on to the end to wrap up things. But seriously, I LOVED the entire story and was sad to see it end.

My last note is that you DEFINITELY NEED TO GET THIS PUBLISHED. It is a great waste to leave a story as great as this on fictionpress. I am CERTAIN that a story like this would DEFINITELY get published! Good luck with everything.
sophiesix chapter 4 . 4/5/2010
Oh oh oh! I LOVE the dog! his voice is AWEsome :D!

"he waits patiently, watching them steadily down the length of his nose with what he hopes is a noble but appealing look." XD his love of running, his obession with bunnies- its perfect!

"He'd given up and gone to stand behind the legs of one of his favourite humans" oh, i can just picture it! That and him shaking the fluffly toy to death XD

"Bloodyadolescentlabradors " lol, so true.

"He has to admit that they all have a leg at each corner." heh heh heh. your dog is Awesome. D
sophiesix chapter 3 . 4/5/2010
ooh, its interesting to have the different perspectives. I lovely the gentle pace this story is unfolding at, it makes it possible to savour it so much better. the relationship between Ruth and the father is an interesting one too, and you have me wondering about it as well. I can see how hard it must be for Elizabeth to have this hope dangled before her, always just out of reach, and nothing firm either way to say what the future will hold. and all this during A levels too! no wonder she's overwhelmed :)
sophiesix chapter 2 . 4/5/2010
it's lovely to meet Agatha. i feel like she's been freed from Henry's literary domination in teh article - not by ihs death mind, just because we saw so little of her in chapter one, that now she's been released to us :) yay! I love Elizabeth's relationship with her Gran; in some societies that is formalised as one of the very closest kinship relationships, and it rings true to me. lovely writing!
sophiesix chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
I really like your portayal of the stinking hot office, I hate trying to work when its really hot too, so instant rapport XD. Nicely realistic setting.

Lovely flowing style, nice little quirky bits of humour (The David was to romance what King Herod was to childcare line and the It was big of him to give her a whole eight words, eh? had me laughing out loud)

Only very occasionally, I felt the editting could have been a smidge tighter, e.g.: "Dave dragged his thoughts away from his poor excuse for a love life and focussed on the article." I don't think you need 'and focused on the article, because that's implied by the context, for me?

Great portrayal of Henry here, i love how he has everything sorted in advance - i can imagine the type exactly! which made the ending a bit of a shock, and I'm looking forward to learning more about Agatha!
la.campanella.awards chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
Dear Theresa Green,

Congratulations! Your character, Agatha, has been nominated for L'Inspirational Lead Character Award at La Campanella Awards, Cycle 2.

Voting will begin on April 26th. We have made some lovely "I'm nominated!" graphics for you to indicate to your readers that you've been nominated. These graphics can be found on the 'Nominees' page of the site where your nomination has been displayed.

Once again, congratulations & keep up the great writing!

- LilyAnna

La Campanella Awards


P.S. Our cycles run because of the constant support and participation we receive from our viewers. If you have the time to, please feel free to nominate authors or stories that you think should be recognized in the writing world at La Campanella Awards.
Rose Alexandra chapter 1 . 2/8/2010

A Quiet Crusade has been nominated for the Best Non-Romance Award at the Some Kind of Wonderful (SKoW) Awards!

Best of luck,


Judge: Most Creative Plot; Best Non-Romance, SKoW Awards

Rose Alexandra chapter 6 . 2/2/2010
This story is really great. Well-written, interesting, well-rounded. It really has it all, so far as I can tell.

It's kind of weirding me out though. The parallels between this story and my life are uncanny. Between Agatha, Henry, and Elizabeth, you've got my family covered. The relationship between Agatha and Elizabeth is almost identical to mine with my own grandmother, and I can't help but feel a bit emotional reading this, as my grandma passed away last winter. My papa is (or was, depending on how you look at it) a lot like Henry, too. Stuck in his ways, somewhat domineering, but loving. Of course, my own grandfather isn't dead - he has Alzheimer's.

What really did it for me was the fact that Agatha can't drive. My own grandma couldn't drive either, though she was learning at eighty-four!

So I'm definitely impressed with how realistic and lovely this story and its characters are, and I commend you for writing it.
Maria Gracia chapter 1 . 9/20/2009
I'm sorry that I had to leave this here as a review but there is no PM link on your profile.

Hi Theresa Green:

My name is MaGa! And I’m a staff member for Undiscovered. We bring out those less known stories out there and as you probably know A Quiet Crusade was featured as our highlight story on Undiscovered. I'm PMing you because we want to feature an interview with you on our podcast. Just some basic questions about you, the author, and A Quiet Crusade and it's characters. Also, the staff members and the users of our page can suggest questions for you.

Hopefully, you'll be willing to do this. All you need is a microphone and about an hour of your time. We would really appreciate it as would the readers. (I really loved Agatha's persona and it was a REALLY nice story to read. It's different than most stories here. That's good.)

Please let us know your answer as soon as possible, whether is positive or not. Thank you for your time.

MaGa or The Weird One on Undiscovered.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Julia2Cj chapter 28 . 9/1/2009
This is completely charming. I often wish for the ability to go on a campaign of this nature when sifting through FictionPress writing. Your characters are wonderful and warm, your style just the right blend of introspection and explicitness, and the storyline so authentic and believable. Carry on writing well.
Broken Cascade chapter 30 . 8/16/2009
This was an amazing story. The characters emotions were well portrayed and felt so real. I really liked how the perspective changed each chapter, allowing the reader to experience the story from all angles. I also appreciated the nature of Gran and Elizabeth's crusade, being a stickler for punctuation myself. This story was just very well done. It was sweet, funny, and a little sad all at once. I loved reading it. Keep writing!
ReinaLucille chapter 30 . 7/23/2006
what a wonderful story. just wonderful. i love knowing that i'm not the only one who worries about grammar, and it's great to read a story on fictionpress that is actually well done. thank you!
Eva R. L. Hughes chapter 30 . 5/27/2006
This was such a wonderful story to read as it progressed. There are so many elements and subelements, making this a fascinating multi-faceted story. Excellent job!
Lamiel chapter 30 . 5/21/2006
Wow. What a glorious, cathartic expression of everything that this story has been leading up to. At long last Sixth can run, run as he has never done before, because he has the strength of love supporting him. Such a beautiful, powerful metaphor to express all that Agatha has been going through. And it's all the more powerful that at this moment of ultimate freedom, she finally grieves for the husband who dominated her through most of her life.

What a beautiful, rich, powerful story of life and growth and change and grief. You are so talented, my dear, and this story demonstrates your gifts wonderfully. Beautifully done.
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