Reviews for Thirty Days
thecamerawoman chapter 21 . 12/24/2007
WTF is Jack's problem?

That asshole.

He should be throwing a freaking party and blowing confetti out of his ass, not acting like fucking Sherlock Holmes!
thecamerawoman chapter 20 . 12/24/2007
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

I'm hyperventilating. I'm so hyperventilating.

I could NOT be hyperventilating any more. If I could, I would be a shriveled puddle of sweat.

Oh, my god...

Oh, my god, oh, my god.

This is like... oh, my god.

Ilove Layla.

And I love Keegan.

Oh my fucking god.

And I love YOU for creating such a brilliant story.
thecamerawoman chapter 19 . 12/24/2007
-whines- God, I hate you, author whose name I know not.

It's not fair how your writing abilities can lead to such...amazing character development. It's like mind-blowing, really. When this story started, I saw Layla as this really bitchy girl with everything at her fingertips. Now... Now, she sounds like a sophisticated, sarcastic, quick-witted, lovingly, GENUINELY nice girl. How you made that happen, is beyond me. I've always sucked majorly at this kind of stuff. This is so awesome. I seriously and honestly applaud you. This story is fantastic.

And Keegan is getting on my bad side again.


Just spit it out, already, man!
thecamerawoman chapter 18 . 12/24/2007
I love Jack, I swear.

Dude's awesome.

Leanne should die.
thecamerawoman chapter 17 . 12/24/2007

Just when I start hating Keegan, he goes and does something so sweet, it makes me wanna lick him!

For the love of god, does he have a multiple personality disorder? Jesus.
thecamerawoman chapter 16 . 12/24/2007
“Or maybe you didn’t know how to fit in with a crowd whom were foreign to you. You, a guy from a modest background and relatively small town, coming to live with a bunch of pretentious assholes with deep pockets and different way of thinking must have been daunting.”

I started laughing at that. She called herself a pretentious asshole. :P



Boy's finally comin' around, eh?
thecamerawoman chapter 15 . 12/24/2007
Even Leanne's picture (from your profile) screams, "BITCH!"

(Sorry for the use of profanity, really.)
thecamerawoman chapter 14 . 12/24/2007
Seriously, I would have like gone into a really depressed state and never left the room, crying all the long had I been Layla. She's so effing strong, it makes me sick. Haha. I don't know how she can STAND Keegan.

I know that that son of a bitch will make up for it later (SOMEFREAKINGHOW)but that is just CRUEL, man.

Haha. I like Julien. Almost has my name, too. lmao
thecamerawoman chapter 13 . 12/24/2007
I'm like gripping my laptop so hard right now, I rather think it'll snap in two any second.

Oh, my god. Like, seriously?

Did all that just happen?

I love Keegan and all, but that motherfucking asshole should not have done that! Do you know how much I want to-ARGH. I want to snap HIM into two.

I can't believe that. Especially when he went all, "I just wanted to see what the hype was all about." He's calling her a whore, but at the same time making her act that way. Like, wtf?

And who the FUCK is that woman?

(omg. I'm starting to really like Layla. Lol I really didn't like her in the beginning. I'm starting to feel so bad for her. And I'm starting to wish Keegan would shut that fucking thing up and stop hurting her like that. I gotta hand it to her-she's one tough chick who won't back down.)
thecamerawoman chapter 12 . 12/24/2007 fucking god.
thecamerawoman chapter 8 . 12/24/2007
Dunno why, but this reminds me of that movie: The Devil's Pond...or something of the other.
thecamerawoman chapter 7 . 12/24/2007
That is fucked up.

'Your father has signed you over to me'? WTF? And, "You'll clean everything in this house 'cause I said so?"

WTF is this? The 1800's?

As hot as he is (and damn is he hot), fuck him.

He can't say stuff like that.

-grins- Though, I still wish he was mine.

Damn it, he's so hot.
thecamerawoman chapter 5 . 12/24/2007
I know you're trying not to go for cliche, but damn. You're not doing the non-cliched stories any justice. Don't get me wrong, I LIVE for cliched romances ( :D love 'em to death), but... Meh. Whatever. It's your story.

All I can say is that I really like it so far, except for some...idk, annoying phrases? It's like...the rich-bitch attitude is getting kind of old. It reminds me of the show in MTV's Sweet 16 or whatever.


I'm gonna shut up now and go read.
Kadekksys chapter 18 . 12/22/2007
pissing on a tree to mark my territory... hahaha! so yeah, im reading again. and its even better the second time, thought there are so many little nuances that you pick up on the second time through. or maybe people were supposed to get them the first time and im thicker than a block of wood! haha. also, i recommended this to a really good friend from school and she said she read the whole thing one 3 hour sitting. i was impressed! and a sequel would be AMAZING! :D Have a great Christmas!
Kadekksys chapter 14 . 12/21/2007
how are you so good at Cajun?
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