Reviews for Lions, and Tigers, and Bears
Chemically Induced chapter 1 . 4/10/2006
i don't really understand what is goin on. it sounds like a dramatic monologue, but the poem is so complex and wont to hyperjump from metaphor to metaphor and back again. i really like it :) i just wish i knew what it was about, but i'm a dumbface, so thats okay. the images are still awesome. "even if it would collaps in our hands like castles (in the sky)/ under aimless fire","more arduous still to define hell/ in the chaos waged beneath city lights" are my favorite lines. so easily making pictures in my head. and your sumary, those lines i forgot to mention. great stuff. and keep that up. ill keep reading, prosmise.

love, .
kit feral chapter 1 . 12/18/2005
What can I say about this... it's weird. :P Lol, but I love it. The brackets are a really nice touch. I'd have to say my favorite lines are "yes, there is merit for sitting without a raincoat", "and somewhere below lies a yellow brick road (or is that the sun in its untouchable blue plain?)", "and so, someday, I’ll tell you that you’ve already won half of the battle with your heart" and "(all out of teacups; we’ll have to use our hands)" I love the whole pain medication thing and the fire escape, too. Really creative. I love your poetry so much, and this is no exception. As always, awesome work. Keep writing!