Reviews for Infamously Good
whacked chapter 1 . 1/14/2007
Amazing Amazing. And oh so funny. I think you really accomplished what you set out to achieve. Must read more of your work!

Loved loved Lord Townsend and the hero-that-wasn't Devenage (how did you come up with these names). Absolutely adored the owl and completely detested the heroine. Ah. Good work!
The Folk Extraction chapter 1 . 6/15/2006
It was pretty funny. But the ending was priceless, this definitely goes on the favorite stories
justanotherdeadaccount chapter 1 . 4/16/2006
Gah! I'm going to add this story to my favourites so when I'm sad and lonely I'll have something absolutely amazingly hilarious to read! Wow! This is probably one of the best funny Fantasy fics I've ever read. It is the coolness.

I love Lord Townsend! And his sword, very nice usage of the given quote! And the townspeople! They made me giggle uncontrollably, my mum was giving me weird looks.

This story is the coolness! I loved Lord Townsend's conniving plan of getting rid of Mathilda, and I acutally adored Devenage as well, the poor guy was so naive.

Awesome story! I think you handled the challenge with utter ingenious.
McQuinn chapter 1 . 4/15/2006
HA! I love how this is like a mixture of fairytales, fables, etc. The whole "Fair maiden in distress" bit sounded like that cartoon - I'm not sure if you've ever seen this, but - where there's this...park ranger guy, and he has a horse. And this park ranger is just a total dweeb. And everytime he saves the "maiden in distress" the maiden thanks and kisses the horse instead of him. I forgot what that cartoon is called, but it reminds me of this story. I also liked the "Boy who cried wolf," thing. Very clever to incorporate that when you had the opportunity to do so.

"Breaking a nail doesn't count as being hurt, dear." - Bwahaha!

(("Help!" Mathilda shrieked daintily. "Help me, somebody, please! Help!"

"No one will save you now!" Lord Townsend laughed theatrically. "You're mine!"

"Help! Oh, bullfrogs-my shoe! One of my shoes just fell off!")) - I peed in my pants just a little with those few lines. They're straight out of one of those silent movie things (even though those lines were said, and not acted out). I really loved them!

((Mathida gasped. "That could have hit me, you ruffian!"

Lord Townsend looked up. "You mean I missed?" )) - Is it wrong to say that I liked Townsend better than Devenage? Townsend is a sadist, he's cool, he's a ruffian. Devenage is a dorky faerie with a pet owl hanging around his shoulder.

Mathilda is hys-terical! "I have a hair appointment." HEE! She sounds like a few of my bimbotic (yes, that's a word. A real word, maybe not. But my word, yes) "acquaintances" from school.

You know what would have been even funnier? If you sent Devenage to save *Townsend* from *Mathilda,* that annoying little brat! And yay! The conversation part was absolutely brilliant.

Oh. Just so you know, I'm reviewing as I'm reading. So my comments are basically being made after I've read each line. And after the whole conversation bit, I'm wondering if this will turn out like "The Ransom of Red Chief," by O. Henry. Have you ever read it? It's basically about these two bandits that kidnap this kid for his parents' ransom. The kid's such a pain in the ass that the bandits have to pay the *parents* in order for them to give the kid back. And not the other way around. That's one of my favorite short stories. Anyway, moving on.

There was no reaction, although a few had started smiling. - Oh, this just keeps on getting better and better, doesn't it?

And then, and Lord Townsend definitely did not expect this, everyone burst into laughter. - IT DOES!

"But.. I don't actually know how to fight! I just carry the sword to look cool!" - Oh MY BOB. *Falls over.*

((Now Lord Townsend was really worried, but his plan, as plans do, was going according to plan.

"No need for that. I surrender." He said cheerfully)) - Smart man...

Mathilda was stunned. "They like me. They really like me." - Heh! A Sally Fields allusion. Bob, this story is so full of great allusions. It's like Shrek. :P

Heh! I just noticed now the Owl and the time thing. Dude, this is just brilliant. He tells time and everything. A cuckoo bird.


My only criticism is that you have quite a few punctuation errors, and some minor grammatical errors. If you'd like, I can go over them through E-mail. If not, I'll just let you be.

AND, Oh MY BOB. This is amazing. And funny. And I can't believe I didn't read this sooner. And I can't believe someone actually put down "Romance" for this. This is definitely "Best Humor" in my book. Thanks for making my night so entertaining!

Talk to you soon.

I Dance In The Rain chapter 1 . 2/7/2006
That was THE funniest thing I've ever read. lol
springish chapter 1 . 1/21/2006
Hahaha, this is pure genius. A ransom that villagers won't pay. And a stupid rescuer. Very clever, and made me giggle too. You managed the quotes quite nicely. :)
Shadow Gryphon chapter 1 . 1/17/2006
*grins* Now that was god. Somehow, though, I had more sympathy for Lord Townsend than Devenage and Biggaby. Maybe it was the name...

And the townpeoples' talking was great.

Midnight Owl chapter 1 . 12/31/2005
hahaHA. funniest piece on fictionpress. end of story.

excellent job. keep writing.
Eudoxus chapter 1 . 12/20/2005
Holy snaps, I was totally going to review this earlier, but I got pulled away as soon as I finished and my horrible memory did the rest obviously XD

Anyhow, not the point. The point is, Biggaby is now officially my favorite name. I keep saying it over and over, I swear. Different from your usual style, but I definitely like it. Nice work :)
Anne Ominous chapter 1 . 12/20/2005
LOVE IT! You rock my socks and tie my shoes and zip up all my zippers. Or at least the story does. [shiftcomma, three]it. Great caricatures, although the owl-on-crack line could have been better used.
psychedelic mishap chapter 1 . 12/17/2005
numero uno, eh? lol. well, i do love this little number. seriously. i mean, it's just...funny. and yeha, i think i undrestand how it's satrical. i mean, you satirize...fairytales. indeed. lol. love peter! D anyways, think you managed this little challenge quite well! keep up the good work and continue to write, mwa!