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meadc chapter 8 . 9/7/2017
Guest chapter 6 . 4/25/2017
Nowadays internet become interwoven of human society and it affect people around the world. The internet is networking and connect to a million computer in this world. Computer communicated with each other through infrastructure and the web is a way to seek information using internet infrastructure. Internet is a technology and the web is layered on top of this network. In 1960, United Stated Department of Defense do the experiment about the internet. Their objective to see if a national computer network could be set up continue to function after national disaster. NSFNET was create in 1985 by National Science Foundation. The service provided a backbone for linking regional networks which in linked individual institutions for free exchange of information. The World Wide Web (WWW) was create in 1990 and it explosive growth. The internet bring full of information access. Technology increased both the access to information and the ability to organize it. So far those adding information to the internet are concentrating on building up information stores and not enough effort is being put into accessing and retrieving the information. The major problem in trying to index the web is the sheer size of the physical system and the information resources available.

The web is not an online public access catalog with everything organized into one search file. It has no such standardized infrastructure for bibliographic control. The internet employed hierarchical, traditional library type classification approaches with subject trees such as the branching structure in the Gopher menu and facet classification has been touted as logical system for internet organization. Such a system would build on the millions of existing facets already existing as nodes on the internet. Many web users assume that library access methods are antiquated and inappropriate to the internet applications. Classification system such as the Library of Congress Classification (LCC), Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) have all moved in step to adjust to the needs of the electronic era. An index of web information may not look like the indexes we are familiar with but the concept and procedures that went into the indexing are valid. Effective searching requires that some sort of subject analysis be done and the results organized, whether by human or computers. There are new terminologies, new paradigms and new challenges. In the fast growing WWW strains traditional indexing procedures. Subject access professional such as indexers must play an assertive role to ensure that the beast is tamed constructively. Two different basic philosophies are to strive for an exhaustive list of resources and to be more selective by carefully evaluating documents before linking them into the system. The goal is to index as many resources as possible, striving for a complete list all document from everywhere on all subjects and with totally free speech for everyone. An attempt is made to include only accurate, valuable and current information. Many users want to have entertaining information and are not particularly interested in validity. Some internet authors and business operation make indexing task more difficult. Such as deliberately repeating words to skew the frequency counts of the automatic methods and increase the chance of search engine pulling up the item. This is known as spamming. Spamming will often internet with the indexing validity of the item. One of the thing that librarians taught us is that standardization is a potent tools. For a number of years information professionals have been addressing the issue of standardizing data formatted in electronic documents and in web retrieval systems.

A web index is an index to searchable web pages, created by humans, automatically or combination of both. Website indexes can be similar to book indexes or to tables of contents. They may incorporate features of search engines or they can be whole new approaches to the basic task of indexing. Which is connecting people with information they are seeking and perhaps with information they don’t yet know is there. The general goal of web index is to locate information but the scope, structure and design are different. A book index usually point to information in one file to the text of the book. The periodical index point to information in several thousands of files. But the web indexes point to many million files at many levels and existing in every place of the world. The matter is the process of indexing hypermedia information. The advent of hypertext, hypermedia and their application has introduced a new facet to indexing. Hypermedia was touted as a powerful way to store and retrieve information. Indexing hypertext demands both a respect for traditional principles of indexing and respect for the new information technology that was ushered in at the new millennium. Knowing how to use HTML and other markup language provides a very powerful tool but it is not essential because other software will convert to markup language for you.

For indexers the internet can be perceived in the way, it makes available incredible resources for the indexer, it opens up a new frontier for index itself and it rapid and inexpensive communication channel. Indexers are taking advantages of resources tussle of how to index in internet but many others are rather conservative on the issues. It also useful communication tool for effective communication channels and the internet provides this through email, Skype and other avenues. It is faster, cheaper and more convenient than snail mail, it does not interrupt like a telephone and it is a lot less bothersome than using a fax machine.

In determining the indexing topics the fundamental of the indexing still apply to web indexing. Topics are selected I much the same way as any indexing. That is the information that someone would actually want is selected. Website indexing rarely refer to page numbers which expert in traditional indexes. They have hyperlinks to a page that has information. We are accustomed to see references in traditional indexes but web indexes tend to skim over these, using practically all synonymous terms as entry term. See references do not play an important role in a web index, mainly because the is no need to save space by not repeating information and encouraging users to use preferred terms as in other types of indexes. However see also references may be important because they suggest additional information that may be important because they suggest additional information that may be important to the searcher.

The primary way to retrieve web information is with search engines. Search engines exist on the WWW. The purpose is to help user to find information from a millions of web pages. Search engines use special software, called spiders, robots crawlers and bot to build these list of word. Some search engines examine every word on a page. For example, Google looks at metadata, titles and subtitle unlike a human indexes would do. Most search engines use some variations of Boolean. Boolean search strategies by using term or phrases with either implied or explicit Boolean operators. A few search engines employ alternative search methods such as natural language and synonym dictionaries to enhance the search. Almost search engines have some kind of spellcheck and automatic correction built in. There are some examples of search engine indexing likes Bing, Google, Yahoo and Dogpile.
asdas chapter 6 . 1/18/2015
vickifay chapter 5 . 2/21/2013
This is actually a pretty hilarious guide xD I love reviewing, and give constructive criticism most of the time. So I guess I'll "live on in everybody's hearts" now.
chronodekar chapter 2 . 11/10/2012
This "chapter" really isn't necessary. The earlier one was a stretch, but can be called as a "prelude". This on the other hand?

What purpose does it serve? Other than to advertise the incompleteness of this "work", NOTHING.

Please consider deleting it.

Requiem in the Night chapter 8 . 8/1/2012
Wow! I appreciate that you actually wrote something like this, because I know there are quite a few people out there (okay, more than a few) who don't know how to write a proper review. I see countless reviews saying simply, "Update soon!" or "Good job!" I honestly hope that more people will read this and compose more thoughtful reviews. I thought the jokes were inserted tactfully into the text, although maybe one too many pregnancy jokes. But I did find them hilarious, so I don't mind. Thank you for writing, and while I know my review was probably less than useless, I hope it didn't take too much of your time. Maybe it gave you an ego boost? Haha. Thank you!
CalliScribbles chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
I must review more... actually, I must find more things to review too. I think your statistics for the number of reviews versus the number of readers is kind of optimistic for around here, though. It's probably closer to one in twenty.
Allison chapter 8 . 7/4/2011
wow, i'm cracking up SO HARD at this. this is amazing, thanks so much for writing this and making my day, especially the jokes sprinkled liberally throughout, though please a little less pregnancy jokes. but this is wonderful, thank you. it just made my day, great for someone on writer's block. '
Spamiviews Failure chapter 6 . 7/29/2008
Hello Burnt Bread,

I just finished reading name of piece or chapter and I thought that

c) I have a five year old brother that can write a better story by banging his fists on the keys


a) your writing is fluent, your descriptive paragraphs color my dull world and your characterization makes me horny.

I hope to

d) conquer Earth with my battalion of anal probers. You have been thus recruited.

Have a nice day

Spamiviews Failure
whoa hey there chapter 8 . 7/15/2008
Hello Burnt Bread,

I just finished reading "How to Write a Review" and I thought that it was truly a work of art, because the Fictionpress community needs this guide. So badly. I hope to read the next chapter soon.

Have a nice day.

Solemn Coyote chapter 8 . 5/27/2008
Okay, so I'm going to deviate from my normal reviewer migratory pattern (your word choice, not mine. *flaps wings*) with this story (?) and only review once. I'm also going to be mildly unhelpful, because I'm really not sure how to improve this. It's a solid psychological and philosophical analysis of the tribulations of both authors and reviewers on this expansive site, but it's aware of that fact, realizes it's deadly dull, and dilutes it with a goodly share of humor. There are about five too many pregnancy jokes, but they somehow managed to make me laugh, so it's all good.

And that's about all the coherent English I can muster at the moment, I think. Probably best that I stop here, or else the rest of the review will read something like: "I can-has speaks language now is yes/good ne?" Which, I would imagine, hurts your brain as much as it does mine.

-SC, signing out is/yes.
Jestry chapter 8 . 4/17/2008
Dear Burnt Bread,

Wow. I like how so many of your reviews for this thing follow your format.

1. I read your "guide". Of course. Or I wouldn't be addressing you, or using your nifty 4 step review format.

2. You're pretty interesting. Hum. I appreciate all the time you've put into teaching us how to write a good review. It's all nifty and organized too. Yay. (:

3. I really don't know what I can tell you to improve on. It's pretty good. And since this thing is mostly opinion based, well. Eh.

4. reverse pyscology ftw, u killed my grammar skillz. jk.
Laura Elizabeth chapter 8 . 3/13/2008
Dear Burnt Bread:

Can bread really be burnt? Or would that be toast? Is burnt bread toast or burnt toast? Is this an indication that burnt bread and toast are one in the same? Is the term toast redundant? I feel like toast sort of got the short end of the stick in this deal. It should be given the credit it deserves and you're totally stealing its spotlight.

On a more serious note, or maybe not, I love your story, but I do question your species. Are you from Qudrant five of the planet Teflon as well? They always told us reading would lead to pregnancy.

This was an amazing idea you had. The humor is outstanding (especially how you keep throwing in pregnancy at any given moment.) Almost all of the points you made were dead on( I found myself nodding quite a bit.) I really love how you characterize each type of reviewer. Anon. reviews are a pain, especially when there's no e-mail address and you want to reply. I usually only leave them when I'm too lazy to log in. Shame on me. I do really love this, and I hope when you find the time that you might update. I'm glad I stumbled upon this piece. It gave me a good laugh for the day.

Oh, you should also have a reviewer catagory called "Rambling reviewers." That would be the catagory I fall under )

The Emo Kid song mention was hilarious by the way.

Ok, I'm done. Well for now anyway.

Awesome story, going in my favorites



Netspeak is the work of Satan.
friend 49 chapter 7 . 11/12/2007

I have a koala named Nelly. She is my best friend. Too close?

Nah. We share our underwear!

P.S. I am 8 1/2 months in.



By the way: You have been foured, also known as:

author alerted

favorite authored

favorite storied

story alerted.



(p.s. special is spelled special. should is spelled should. AND I DO NOT MAKE TYPOS NORMALLY IT WAS JUST MY STUPID CONTACTS. :( NOW YOU MADE ME SAD. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE.)

Yes, I know. This review was more about me than you. I know. I'm very self-centered that way.

Forgive me.
friend 49 chapter 8 . 11/12/2007
Dear Beernt Breed,

I am a model reevewer. Ay am the culest kid u will ever no. Deed i tul u that i huv a koola nmed shaba? she iz kewl. AND OMG I DIDN'T. DID YOU SEE WHAT KELLY SAID TO ME ON MYSPACE? IT WAS LIKE OMG I WAS LIKE OMG SO MAD AT HER AND OMG I LIKE WANTED TO LIKE BLOW LIKE UP LIKE I WAS LIKE SO LIKE AGRAVEETED!


but omg srsly kellys comment was like omg!


friend49 (who you know you love)

p.s. due friday
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