Reviews for Promise
Caecilia chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
[ at the very end of the neighborhood, where the houses meet the forest,] It should be 'met the forest'

[been passed dowm] 'down'

In the bar scene, there are some places where I'm not sure if your tenses are right. They don't sound right when read aloud, but I guess the bar scene is current-day? 0.o

[timpcapsule was buried] 'timecapsule'

Aww... It is cliched, but I totally loved it. Sometimes, you just want to read something cute, that you know will have a good ending. It will start out with something sweet, then go into something sad. Then the two lovers will realize who the other is, then there's a nice steamy kiss and declaration of some semblance of love/relationship (if that makes sense)...

Really good short. I really liked it )

Good job!

~Caecilia Bellz, the Roadhouse
I Murder on Impulse chapter 1 . 5/21/2009
Aw such a sweet story!

Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
Herro there! :) Okay, first thing first, on the cliche issue, tbh I won't really say it's a bad thing. In fact whatever that has been conceived in fiction is more or less cliched. It's only how you chose to play around with the elements. ;) Anyway, I do find this a good read description wise. tbh I can at least visualize much more in my head for this one compared to your current work although the characters' description were rather inconsistent in terms of the amount of description used if you get what I mean. And the time capsule part really reminds me of a manga episode of the Kindaichi series. Being a manga fan you should know about that series. It really apes Conan big time. And no, I'm not referring to Conan the Barbarian lol! XD Anyway a good tale of love being found by predestination of sorts. Which is pretty ironic in a good way. It's like people don't believe in fate when it comes to true love, but isn't God the one who decides everything? And come to think of it, the love between man and woman won't be in existent if God had not created Eve from Adam. ;) Anyway good job here. And yeah sorry for being a bit MIA in reviewing. Crap's been off my brain for some time. Anyway, thanks very much for your review on A Ranger's Tale and Seal of Valor. :) Maybe you can have a shot at reviewing a long un-updated work of mine entitled The Elven Chronicles? It's not my top priority fic tbh, but my most critical reviewer actually commented that it's my best one ever. Well, that is before I started on my more recent works that is. tbh if you're familiar with the Warhammer fantasy world, you'll be able to relate with it. Either that or you'll be tempted to run me over with a tank for the so-called blatant rip-off of ideas. :S
Delishous5 chapter 1 . 2/3/2008
I really enjoyed it! In fact I would love to read more of your stories! An amazing job! :)
Gumbear chapter 1 . 7/9/2007
Even though it's the middle of the summer the story gave me a fuzzy christmas feeling :P

You really write such good stories!
Jaz108 chapter 1 . 1/2/2006
cute merry xmas to u too
CrystallicSky chapter 1 . 12/30/2005
Aw, that's so cute! If I had half your writing skills, I would've written and published a book by now, or at the least a short story! I'll bet you could get it published if you wanted to, because you're an awesome writer! In fact, your writing style reminds me of Vivian Vande Velde's works, and she's written quite a few successfull books. Just a thought. _