Reviews for That's What I Meant To Say
BlackTiger69 chapter 4 . 7/30/2007
damnn.. i love kyle!lol
BlackTiger69 chapter 3 . 7/30/2007
hehe.. damn... i love d scheming mind of dt kyle:):) hehe.. hope taylor says yes...heheh
Saniaaa chapter 22 . 7/30/2007
aww, that was so cute. Charlie and Hailey are like mini Kyle & Sammy. The bit about the twins birth was sort of sad but I guess everything can't be perfect. Can't believe its finished. Hope to read more of your stories soon!
youpin chapter 22 . 7/30/2007
Good job.I love this story.
awaiting.rain chapter 21 . 7/21/2007
okay, i'm mad. i'm really really mad.

you cant just leave us hanging like that. its evil.

biznitch 10 chapter 21 . 7/19/2007
OMFG! I'm seriouly gonna kill you if you don't post the ending SOON! I can't wait to read! UPDATE SOON!
Promethean Cult chapter 21 . 7/17/2007
No! You can't have a sad ending! No!
artistic dreamer chapter 21 . 7/8/2007
hi, i'm only reviewing so you'll write a better ending, bye! haha, just kidding! i hope you write that epilogue part 2 soon because i'm dying! i want to find out what happens! personally i hate having to wait especially with cliffhangers...what can i say, i'm impatient. well, just wanted to keep you encouraged so you can update soon, but don't update if you're too busy, great job so far, awesome story, but then again, i say that to just about every story i read, don't get me wrong, i do honestly love your story, keep up the good work! hope you'll write another story after this one! bye for now!
TwinkleHeart chapter 21 . 7/8/2007
violet-eyez chapter 21 . 7/3/2007
can't wait till the next chapter
wendy chapter 21 . 6/24/2007
you can not make this end badly. no one will be sammy and the baby! I did not just read twenty-two chapters to find out something horrible has gone wrong. i really enjoyed the whole story by-the-way, and Good luck with epilogue part 2!
hopeless-flame chapter 21 . 6/24/2007
well... that was weird. joking, its pretty interesting. whew. man, i thought she was leaving for serious i was like wtf dude? just when everything was a-okay? but that's good... but now its bad! wth's with the baby? no...!
pinkfluffyoranges chapter 21 . 6/24/2007
What a horribly mean threat. man this story is terrific, packed with drama but mellowed by humour. hope to see the next part soon.
free-to-dream15 chapter 21 . 6/24/2007
hey! ah! whats going on! YOU CANT JUST LEAVE IT THERE!that was so mean gr! even im not that mean! gah ah! ok im ok..i think! post soon!
yonderwindow chapter 21 . 6/24/2007
oh wow...nice. lol. update soon!
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