Reviews for That's What I Meant To Say
ski bird chapter 7 . 5/22/2007
actually u wouldn't believe how many girsl don't get kissed until they are 18. i bet u i'm gonna be one of those.. i'm 14 right now.

really really good. y did she wear his clothes home?
ski bird chapter 6 . 5/22/2007

how does she want him to teach her? i mean u have to practice right...

so he really doesn't like her right now... good! i would love to see how this love develops! lots of stories lack this.. really really good!
ski bird chapter 5 . 5/22/2007
aw is over! i think that he said that because he was jealous that she likes kyle and not him...

really really good.
ski bird chapter 3 . 5/22/2007
really really good!
ski bird chapter 2 . 5/22/2007
what what what what! so cool.

in the story is she gonna end up with kyle? just a guess since in these kind of stories it happens a lot...

but of course this one could be a lot different.

really really good.

totally americanized. so why did want this to take place here?

sorry that i can't really sign in right now!
Rogue-writer-16 chapter 20 . 5/22/2007
Aw! so happy-ful! This chapter makes me feel warm and fuzzy! This whole story is awesome and I can't wait for the Epilogue! Oh, and for the story vote- I want number 2! Any way, great writing and this is definately going on my fave's list!


Preethy chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
story number 2 seems the best.

so go story #2!


violet-eyez chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
i like the second story
punkrock13 chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
ofcourse i forgive kyle! i'm so glad he didn't sleep with her! they are so cute together! that's so sweet,how he's going to new york with her! where is san francisco? i forget. i vote #2! can't wait for the epilouge!
yonderwindow chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
cannot wait for the epilogue x]
bex17 chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
this was SO great! I can't wait for the epilogue! oh, and I don't really care which story you write. I'm sure they will both be amazing. :)

x Tequila Moonlight x chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
yay kyle didnt sleep with her! yay they're back together! yay kyle's going to new york! yay! cute! sorry lol great job can't wait for the next one!
dawn's unforgiving darkness chapter 20 . 5/21/2007

they even get to be sick 2gether

how romantic
Michelle Richard chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
I love the story! Good job in making the secondary characters very real. I can't wait to read more of what you have written.
Glass Heart chapter 20 . 5/21/2007
THAT WAS AWESOME! i've been waiting for this chappy to come out and i'm glad it did! voting wise, i choose 2! that sounds really good, but i wouldn't mind either way, cuz you're an awesome writer! Hurry with that epilogue and and on with the next story!
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