Reviews for The Truth About Her
til-iburnout aka Amanda Helton chapter 1 . 3/4/2006
This made me shed tears that I don't think I was ready to shed, not for myself nor for someone else. Yet it reached into my chest and grabbed my heart. I empathize with this poem and you it's author and even though its so sad, it was written perfectly.
Eirien chapter 1 . 1/19/2006
I know my review was long enough already, but there's one more thing I would like to add, because when I realized that for myself some years ago it was like finding a whole new outlook on life: The truth about us is not what WE think, the way WE perceive ourselves, but the truth about us is what GOD thinks of us. He sees Jesus in us, He sees us as pure, justified, beautiful, precious. Once when i was really down and condemned myself and felt so sinful that I was afraid I'd go to hell I heard a voice in my head saying "This is my beloved daughter with whom I am well pleased." I just KNEW it was God, it was so full of love and acceptance and I could never come up with something like that about myself, i could never think so positively of myself or love myself. I don't know if you believe in such things, I might be making a complete fool of myself for telling you this, but I do it anyway, because right now, ever since I've read your poem, I feel such a love for you in my heart and I think God wants to tell you: 'Gleechumber (I don't know your real name ;-), this sentence is for you. This is how I feel about you: "This is my beloved daughter with whom I am well pleased."' He sees your struggle and He loves you with a love that would do anything to save you, even die. He did. He shares ALL your pain, each and every one of your scars can be found on his arms and body as well. He does not judge you for "something you can't help but be". His banner over you is love. His banner over you is compassion. He is FOR you, not against you. It's like I wrote in my poem "Red Cloak". He has that attitude towards you as well.I hadn't planned to write this, I'm just overwhelmed with this intense love right now. It might all be imagination and you might think I'm crazy, perhaps I shouldn't have written it in a review either, but I've done it, so if you think it better to delete this review you can go ahead and do that, it's only anonymous and i won't be offended. Forgive my rambling. But believe me, God loves you more than you could ever imagine. You'll be in my prayers.
Eirien chapter 1 . 1/19/2006
Wow. This almost made me cry. I wish I had you here and could hold you close and tell you how valuable you are... The poem is so intense and dripping with self-loathing, desperation, being tired of life; I know these feelings all too well myself. Your imagery is awesome as usual, and you've got some stunningly great lines in here, such as "a life is a pretty big sacrifice." and "A mirror is a hard thing to combat,/ "It lies" is a lie in itself". That is so true, both of these statements, I know exactly what you mean. The poem is going on my favourites. The passage below that with the description of the eyes nearly made me cry, especially the "child's eyes", for me this hints at the wish to be a child again, innocent and trusting, not yet tainted by life's bad experiences, or perhaps also the sadness at the discrepancy between a child's heart and the "adulty" things she has/had to bear which should not burden/ have burdened her at such an early age. I can relate to so much in here, also the question where God is, who seems to have forgotten us, who doesn't seem to care. And also the question, am I really saved, and if so, how come my life can be such a mess? And the wish or rather urge to atone for one's sins by cutting, to punish oneself because the solution that Christ's atonement is enough just sounds too good to be true, how can I forgive myself just like that, this bitch needs to bleed for the wrongs she has done friend - if only we could see ourselves through God's eyes! He has so much more grace and love for us than we have for ourselves. He loves us and we do matter to him. He can turn even our mistakes into something good, he can turn exactly the areas of our struggle and pain into a blessing for others and ultimately for ourselves as well. Our weaknesses can become our strengths through his amazing way of working things out. I have already seen this happening in some areas of my life, and I am so sure of this, although there are times enough when I doubt it myself. Our lives are worth so much, even if we cannot see it right now. Sorry if I got too emotional and stuff in this review, but your poem just spoke to me on such an existential level and really really touched me. You can mail me anytime if you want to talk. (Don't know if you're still feeling that way.) *big hug* God be with you. Loads of love from Eirien.