Reviews for A Scarlet Smear
Kurt Wagner chapter 1 . 8/5/2007
First off, lovely title.

I find people don't spend enough time on their titles, but when you do, its like finding the perfect bow to wrap a present, and that's what yours is.

Secondly, you put alot of emotion in few words.

That's awesome, because its so potent.

Well done, and thanks for the review. I'll be sure to check out your other stuff :)
A Beautiful Nightmare chapter 1 . 1/24/2006
Wow... this really reminds me of my story... I mean seriously! Well... speaking of story... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE "INNER DEMON"? ... I am waiting so long! Haha... I sound like such a kid... but seriously... I love your story... I mean... I can't blame you... I'm really slow in updating mine too... prewriting... writing... editing... revising... publishing... all that crap... well... hope you upload the next chapter soon... I'll be waiting!
randompoetry chapter 1 . 1/10/2006
This was good, and I'll agree with you by saying it is kind of evil. But it all came together very poeticly (sp? Brain-freeze here!). I love the vicious tone to it though, and I'll hopefully get to your collection of poems at a later date!