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Sanareth chapter 10 . 12/4/2010

You seem to have taken a different approach than I did when handling the difficult matter of introducing more than half a dozen characters at the same time.

Having the list there didn't break things up too much although if you decide to just leave it at that in terms of student character introduction then things may get a little messy.

Personally I find the best system to handle this is a cursory introduction and then later have independent non-plot chapters involving your main character and a couple of the other girls you wish to develop; thereby introducing the minor characters in a manner which seems natural.

It's better to have people come to their own conclusions about character persona's than to merely hand them out predetermined; because with the former, your readership can add a touch of their own imagination to the story and it will stick that much better because of it.

I hope you'll take a peak at 'Professor Irae: mix'n'match' sometime, if only because it's pretty darn similar to what you've got going here in terms of underage genius and taking classes.

Still, this should be relatively interesting to follow.

Good work and keep it up.

Virage chapter 10 . 5/15/2007
Haha, that was hilarious. There were some definite funny parts, the best being how Hoshi smacked him around a few times at the end. The way the sentences were strung together made the images of the quick smacks really really funny. I could see it rather well. Even now I'm still laughing!

And this is a late review, but hey, you're back! That's good; at least you didn't kill the story. But I can't wait to see what the girls do to him. Poor Go, he's only got one person on his side! That's ruff. The poor kid needs a bodyguard. Now that, would be hilarious. He should have a Team GO! to protect him from the girls. Kinda like the Baka Rangers. lol.

Yeah, so great chapter, fun stuff, and I can't wait to see who Xin and Vita are.
Virage chapter 9 . 3/2/2007
Thank ya! But I do like this story, so I don't won't hold back! (sorry for the delay, I was being lazy) Hoshi's relationship to Go is still pretty funny, the woman has such a knack for marathon hating, by this point anyone else would be too tired to find new things to hate! But Hoshi's character is really well balanced by Natsumi, which I'm thankful for. Go needs at least one ally lol. The morning rush was pretty funny, but just for kicks, I do hope someone gets detention with Haruka. I can see it now, that'll be my most favorite future chapter ever hehe. I'm a little confused though, I thought a bunch of those girls knew that Go would be their teacher when he was kidnapped or however it goes, or was that just a small part of the class that knew? Or are they even in that class...well, I'm sure they are. So! I'm just guessing that most of the students didn't know, just that some did? Or..aww, man I'm really confused now lol. But still, it was a good chapter. I can't wait to see how his first day goes.

dongtianfengyu chapter 9 . 2/28/2007
I really hope to see how the class will react to having a 12 year old teacher. Perhaps its a punishment for them? haha.

btw, I really like how you started the chapter with "where everything will come crashing down" and end it with Go having a duster landing onto his head.

Update soon.
Virage chapter 8 . 2/16/2007
Kudos for the ingenious way of throwing in a referance sheet! FP is always talking smack about how you can't submit certain things, but this is perfect! It was a pretty short chapter, but I actually enjoyed the character notes from previous sensei more than anything else. "Fond of dead frogs" got quite a few chuckles from me. Sorry if I did get charaters mixed up, I'm still working at trying to differentiate Japanese names from one another. Hell, I get English names confused. I still think Haruka is a definite favorite of mine. The exaggerated queen of darkness totally r0x0r5. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Durandel chapter 7 . 1/16/2007
Well this was good, great actually, but the way that Hoshi treated Go was kinda heartless, he's freakin' 12 years old for godsake. Anyway, it seems Go is just as smart as Tanobe, but gets nervous. Well this was great, can't wait to se the next update!
Durandel chapter 6 . 1/15/2007
Sorry for not rviewing this earlier! I had a trip that caught me by surprise as I tried to review everyone, well this was a funny chapter, really, the comedy lightened up me day, well, gotta read the next now...
Mali Steelwing chapter 7 . 1/14/2007
Nanao-san, I am truly enjoying this story. I do hope you'll update soon. When I read Haruka, I noticed she used Sunako's signature phrase, "Creatures of the light." I love that manga, though we call it Wallflower.
Virage chapter 7 . 1/14/2007
A fun read; but I can't help but notice it's slowly losing some of its creativity. I can see Haruka kicking him out in the hall but as soon as he got kicked out I kinda knew exactly what was going to happen. So no surprise there. But if Go is sick, wouldn't Haruka get sick too? I did like how Natsumi supposedly got angry at Haruka and you added that tidbit about how Natsumi almost never losing her temper. And that crazy smart guy back in the states? That was cool, maybe Go is special; he sure feels like he should be though. And a six month time limit! lol, I wonder what will happen when he comes to visit Go.
Atheneon chapter 3 . 1/13/2007
Poor kid...half-way across the world and in a girls' dorm too. At least he knows the language. But how does this girl not know about Go? Did Nozomi hide Go in another girl's room? I like this story!
Atheneon chapter 2 . 1/6/2007
Chap 2) *resists urge to be a plot bunnie* Hm...I like how this is starting, I think that I'll continue to read. I like this Go. He reminds me of some of my friends.
Virage chapter 6 . 12/27/2006
Alright, crazy new story to look forward too! Though, you did keep saying how you lost all your original fans because you didn't update it in such a long time. Doh.

The characters were really over the top, but in a good way I think. I really enjoyed all of them, but the tea tussle that Ayaka and Natsumi seemed a little strange. But the highlight was definitely Haruka, I think she'll be my favorite. She's so damn funny with her obsessive darkness. If you've ever seen Mahoraba Heartful Days, she reminds me of the only member of the occult club...can't remember her name. But anyway, still hilarious. And the fact her brother is a complete opposite, and a little more sane, sort of, it's all well and good. Wahoo!

I really like this story (Read all of it in under an hour or so and its like 3:30 AM now, and I had just told someone else after reviewing something of theirs that it was 2 AM and I didn't normally read things this late (I don't even know why I brought this up (I should sleep soon(Quadruple Paranthesis lol) Looking forward to more. It'd be a shame if you just sort of give up updating again, but writer's block is indeed a terrible curse.
Virage chapter 4 . 12/27/2006
Beautiful chapter in terms of character interaction. I love the tension between Go and Hoshi, and since I was still empathetic to Go, she scared the bejeezus outa me. Very scary woman in a comical way...maybe not. She really did seem like she'd kill him. Even eyes full of tears wouldn't stop the woman.

“ This… is your SECRET LOVE CHILD!”

omg, I laughed so hard at that. Great characters. The story is definitely going to be intersting, but I still love how funny this looks like it'll be. And the other characters, assuming they all have distinct personalities, will also be alot of fun to side with depending on who is fighting with whom.
Virage chapter 2 . 12/27/2006
Awesome start with the flashback like intro. It was so cute seeing the little Boy and Girl Meet Then Seperate thing. A little cliche, but I still loved it! Very nice empathy to Go too, he just has bad luck with people I guess. Good descriptions, nice mystery, and excellent setup to the rest of the story. As readers we can guess what's going to happen. And damn, does it sound like fun.
Durandel chapter 5 . 12/12/2006
I haven't forgotten bud, this is getting good, but I REALLY REALLY want to see him teach, and how he handles things, that would be interesting.

P.S. Could you check out one of my stories? Symbols of Power would be the best choice, or Darkness of the Past, Light of the Future. Keep Writing and update soon!
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