Reviews for Worse than Rejection
GuardianAngeI chapter 1 . 7/29/2009

O! I loved this! -

I pictured everything so clearly in my head!

The words, typed plainly, were scenes(moving picture) & the words, in italics, were words spoken by an invisible narrator at the right time.

Also, the ending was something I didn't expect. It was very surprising! I thought it was just some guy who had a box, with a body in it, in the trunk & was going to leave that person behind. Or "dump" the body.

If this were a story, no, a MOVIE (animated);) then, I see this short story as the beginning(sort of) & the whole thing about the life of a toy (or toys) who have different owners w/ different personalities & experience the best & the worst. But, that's just me me.

~ G*A