Reviews for Starbucks is Taking Over the World
Deleted Account 525 chapter 1 . 1/15/2006
(me again, I'm in a reviewing mood, I do this occasionally)


Unstructured, a flurry of thoughts.

Also noticing your prejudice towards the u.k, the canada and the republic of ireland. (recurring theme) It discredits your work.

Urgh! I'm going into defense mode again.

Anyway, over the top, and I quite like the pokemon quote the other reviewer used.

It's been said for years, and it could also be said that H&M, Walmart and many other large commercial businesses are taking over the world. But hey! at least starbucks uses 100% fairtrade coffee.

Though I found it interesting that starbucks only opened a shop in dublin this summer.

-Gloves - a critical one
Alex Jan Solara chapter 1 . 1/15/2006
You do see -snort- -huge laughing fit- that this makes as much sense as a Pokemon hater saying Pikachu is going/trying/damn near close/already has taken over the world?

In fact,that most people who do drink coffee are doing it for:

a) To stay awake.

b) Need to get work done.

c) Just wanna get super-amazingly-hyper like me and some of my friends.

Anyway,if its just a joke,then good not,you're . -Large laughing fit,again.-