Reviews for Reign of Fire
rvtolentino chapter 1 . 8/11/2006
first i was drawn to your name. i really really think i've seen your name somewhere before... maybe a recent online game or something...

as for this one, i saw Reign of Fire and wasn't much impressed with it. the poem is a little light-hearted compared to the post-apocalyptic, pseudo-medieval theme of the movie, but it captures the general idea of how the story of the movie turned out. the poem is actually quite cheerful that i felt it was a song, almost a parody, of the original movie.

well maybe that's just me, because i know only a few things in poetry as i suck at it myself.

try to enlighten me where i saw your name because my head hurts trying to think. LOL.
softlycryingrain chapter 1 . 3/8/2006
hey, I love Reign of Fire! Good movie, don't remember it too clearly, but your poem jogged my memory a bit.

Ok, CC first:There were a couple of lines that seemed a bit awkward with the rest of the poem, like the first one didn't make much sense to me "Once a little by so far away," (I think you meant "boy" intstead of "by" now that I look at it, so then it would be a typo..those I can forgive ;)then the lines "There they had an atack planned, Though they were vastly out-manned" seemed forced, but to be honest I can't think of anything better, a lot of help I am! lolLast part of CC "The arrow hit it and blew up" did the arrow blow up or the dragon or both? maybe clarify it somehow ;)

And now for the compliments, I guess, dunno what else to call it, the stuff I like, , the rythm was very clear, it all kinda rolls off of my tongue, I think you've improved a lot in that , good job telling a story, the order of events actually made sense (in some poems they seem a bit confusing, not naming any names though...) You highlighted the important parts, and summarized it , ok, this is a wierd thing to say, but I liked the line "The man said 'Go away or I'll show you what-for" I dunno why but that made me laugh! Its not really funny, but I don't know...I guess I just liked the way it sounded ;)

Alright, this is getting long, so I'll wrap things up. I really liked this poem, I think it might be one of your best! I tried to give you some good CC 'cause you asked for it, hopefully it helped. And do you by any chance own this movie? I may want to borrow it ;)
ii chapter 1 . 1/30/2006
It sounded a little forced (and I've never seen Reign of Fire), but I liked it anyway. A good concise summary of something. ;-)