Reviews for Inspired By My Mind
sailor neptune chapter 1 . 2/6/2006
what monster? do tell.
gatha chapter 1 . 1/28/2006
So you're becoming cynical? That doesn't happen just out of the blue, so I recommend a monster hunt. Think of the times you feel most cynical or whatever it is, then do your best to avoid it. I actually suffered from stress until I broke away (not up) from Camilla and haven't been stressed since. That, or you could force it out with blogs. Or write a memoir about it and make it funny. Like turning the light on in the basement and realizing the monster is your older sibling. Then you can beat the tar out of them. Unless of course your parents chained 'em down there and now their a feral beast through no fault of his/her own. FYI, the metaphor ended with "your older sibling". If you went own and got something metaphorical out of the rest that's great though. Share it with me if you do because I'm drawing a blank for those two sentances.

Oh yeah, what does this have to do with Christmas?