Reviews for Thanksgiving 2005 Aboard The Zephyr Splendour
Peevxwm Vaj chapter 1 . 4/27/2008
Lom zem/fun xuv/(intensifier)! Tiamsis/but kuv/I ntshe/fear tias/that txojkev/the way koj/you tso/insert cov lus mikas/the english translation nyob hauv zaj/in the middle of the story ua kom/makes it/ nyuajnyuaj nyeem/ difficult to read. (And, I've discovered, it's also tough to write ;)

Some things just don't work the way you want them too, either. For example, the fact that no hmong words start with "G" or the fact that making a word for word translation can be really difficult. In the scripture at the end, for example, I would use "ris" instead of "lia qab," which sounds too reminiscent of "liab qab" (bare instead of bear), or "lub siab hlub" instead of "chaw pab" (which sounds too much like a clinic). Still, it was a fun idea; the translations just get really distracting.

PS. gig gog (the sound of tigers fighting) starts with g.