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jenn chapter 11 . 7/27/2006
Why do you have to describe basically every feeding Vlad takes? I mean it's been almost the same every time already.. Jamnis hates it..Dana hates it..Vlad just wants some blood damn it. Hahah... Dana was feeding raped!

Hm..not exactly sure what this chapter really serves as.. I wish you were more straight forward. You mentioned Kathleen in the shower, but we still haven't seen her.

Jamnis needs to get over himself. Seriously. It's getting old. Jealousy doesn't do anything good. Let them break up or something (better than killing them off lol)! Spice it up!

I wonder what you're going to do with Caroline..cause her apperance just seemed out of the blue.

Nice job on the cliffhanger ending! Update soon.
Peppa chapter 11 . 7/25/2006
Wow, I just finished reading this all in one session and I still want more. I actually like Chance, can't get over how he treats his lady.

In fact, I pretty much like ALL of your characters, even though some of them are insufferable sometimes!
Liviania chapter 11 . 7/23/2006
Poor Jamnis and Dana just have so much trouble working out their line of communication...

*laughs* Wouldn't you love to get all call from a relative, "Oh, northern Japan vampires a hundred years ago? Of course I know them!"

Rae chapter 11 . 7/19/2006
Awesome chappie. They're fighting? Looks like they'll make up soon. At kleast Kathleen isn't around in the story as much ...
kaydanse chapter 11 . 7/17/2006
I really really just loved this chapter. And I can see why Vlad is prolly the most loved, lol. Thus far, he's my fave. Then Avery, then Jamnis. :) Jamnis aggravates me easily. :)

Great chapter, as usual!

smiles and sunshine!

Gayle of Genisis chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
I love how awesome and evil Gavin can be. The tension between Dana and Jamnis is great as well, it keeps things interesting, don't leave me hanging to long, update soon.
For What Its Worth chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
Jamnis unprotective is just weird. Put him back the way he was! lol. And Mr. Segur telling Michael about Nathan's death will add some not-unwarranted drama. And Caroline is cool. Seeing more of her would be neat.
Aero Faerie Extraordinaire chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
Great chapter. Glad you found my dream amusing. It made me laugh too. I love Michael. Poor kid can't get a break. I loved the idea of him and Mr Segur. And poor Dana, so frustrated with Jamnis.

Hope those wisdoms come out painlessly. Good to know you're looking on the bright side.

Much love,Tanika
icedfaerie chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
Great chapter...poor Gavin...not...seems as if he's not the only one sexually frustrated. I feel sorry for Jamnis...he's a little stuck between on what to do...I can't wait until the next chapter.
hells666angel chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
hiya dont wory it was good. and i had ur other chapters to read. cos our stupid comp broked. lol

look forward to gaven and aiden. xx
Medieval-Rogue chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
*shivers* This chapter was full of moments like that… The beginning, when Jamnis scrapes open her cuts….purely …enticing. The descriptions were amazing there. And then, ah…the sadness. I need more misery in my story. I mean really…this is ADDICTIVE in your story, this little torment of “GR! What is Jamnis’ PROBLEM!”…heh.

You pulled the standoffish thing off really well, though I don’t know how many other people are still trying to guess what his problem with her is. I mean really, that’s rude, simply taking a sip and not a kiss! Come to think of it…I don’t KNOW what I would do…probably not the same thing as Dana, but I would feel just as bitter. If and when I get there, I can be bitter as a cup of black coffee. No one likes me when I’m bitter. I don’t like me when I’m bitter. Good thing it doesn’t happen often, huh?

Heh. I liked the touch of the calendar with book and crystal shipping dates, and adding in how House of Dreams would get Pallas an assistant. Very nice.

Caroline. Hah. That was a cool thing to add in the chapter, her case, her with… umm… Vlad…(weird reaction…heh…I still wonder what he did to unnerve her), her winning the case, and of course the dinner party Dana will go to in Sirel’s stead. Looking forward to that! And Avery and Sirel are going to Venice! HECK YES! Gah, I just wish I could go. We went to the Nashville Farmer’s market, which is also the place for the flea market, AND the international market….oh you have no idea how happy I was. I get like…this…ecstatic happiness from foreign cultures, even in the smallest dose, and it’s the same with plants. I say this because it made me even more convinced that I’m going to do a bit of traveling in my day. Istanbul is number one on the list of “I want to go see”, but I don’t think it will be first, simply because of well…it is a bit dangerous there. Venice…is so tempting. That might be first on my list, simply because the city is like…sinking…so yeah, I want to see it as soon as possible before much more of the glory fades.

*groans* The biting thing was saddening. Poor Vlad…I mean…it wasn’t his fault per se. And he didn’t even get a drink, really. Which led to the whole misunderstanding with Dana of “Jamnis won’t touch me now”. Sad. Though the imagery there was amazing…her struggling, and running, and him trying to comfort her. I loved that you put in why she wanted him to bite her neck instead of wrist, so that she didn’t have to watch his face. Again, the analogy Vlad gave at the end of that scene was…comforting and very well thought out. Lovely.

Poor Mikey! *groans* So THIS is the flashcard you picked out, hmm? Heh. Nice. But sad! Jeez…I can’t imagine being Mikey at that dinner, knowing no one there enough to trust exactly and then go through something as emotionally jolting as that. His mutterings were funny though… And he turned into a dog… Oh wow. I would have given him a dog treat just to try to make him laugh. You have to admit, that would be funny. O_O Or take him to the vet to get fixed. *giggles* I think he would definitely change human long before that happened. “Your brother is a dog again” was hilarious. Even funny that Jamnis was insensitive enough to ask him to take out the trash. Heh. That scene really was emotionally amazing, tugged right at my heartstrings that go “aww”. And he still doesn’t know about Nathan…*winces*

“He undid the first button of my shirt and looked at my throat.” That was an amazing line. Button-up shirts are the funnest things in the world…and often very intimate. I mean, you have to take it in steps. One button, two button, three button- oh the agonizing enticement! Of course, he was just doing it to get a better look at her throat cuz he’s a vamp like that…but still. The whole ‘hands on the neck’ thing creeped me out though…that was frightening, and I still haven’t discerned whether or not it was foreshadowing anything or simply her nerves on fire.

It was nice to hear what happened at dinner, with the exception of Mikey’s torture. Now we may have to call Ghostbusters. Great. Heh.

The bag with Dana’s stuff…it was funny that Jamnis held her tighter when she told him the box was from a lingerie store, though a bit comforting that it was only a swimsuit. If it had been more I know I wouldn’t have worn it with a tag saying “From Ariadne AND Gavin” *shudders* No way. That would be creepy. Heh. I guess swim plans might be canceled for the day, depending on what Gavin has to say about JAPAN! GR! What kind of EVIl plot twist is that! Okay, so maybe I’m simply disturbed because the end line of ‘He chuckled softly. “Well, look no further. What exactly do you need to know?”’ was grudgingly yet massively attractive to me. *shivers again* Yeah. Not fair. Make him drain a ten year old girl or something so he’s not attractive to me, like Willon isn’t for you! URRGH.

*laughs* Amazing chapter, amazing CLIFFHANGER (*twitches*), and I can’t wait until the next chapter, because this is all getting more and more interesting. I am panting for more!

~Cheers over a spilled box of Tang, with chalices brimming with Scarlet Syrup!~

PS – HaHA! Vlad...a pirate. ...Oh wow. You are so right. If I get the time and will, I am so going to draw that! AND Pallas in the pirate dress…heehee, I’ll stick me dressed up in t he background maybe. Hah. And that really is disturbing. Dana...Gavin’s...step-mother...that means that Sirel is…oh wow. She can probably boss the punk twirp around now if she wants! HA! But I loved the chapters and thought they were just fine, and you better not rewrite any Dana/Avery kissing out of the story until I get a chance to save those first versions on my computer for my reading pleasure. it.
NoLongerHereIMSORRY chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
my sister had her wisdom teeth taken out. i wish you luck! poor Mikey. Fang... like Tang. lmao. another wonderful chapter! update soon!
amelia chapter 11 . 7/15/2006
wowzers, these people have big problems. i say you should write about a shrink named joy come in and then everyone realizes(s/p) that she's the one causing all this trouble. i'm only joking, lol. you need to bring in pallas, you mention her but she needs some action*trumpets sound off*! okay, i now have the munchies for my pinneapple cake so, *trumpets sound off again and me goes to the kitchen in super speed and eat some of my cake* i really have to stop rambaling, sorry. _
jenn chapter 10 . 7/12/2006
lololol. Girls flirting with Michael.. we find out how Vlad died. and i wish pallas and vlad would get a room already! they're begging for it!

lol 10 year age difference with mr. segur and michael. that's rape if they get together lol. hey we're just assuming that he's a responsible adult!

gah is the curse going to try to kill everyone EXCEPT chance and sakura? *annoyed* make them go after their real targets!

i like the ending though! cliff hangers mwuahah. chapter 10 . 7/9/2006
I'm so sorry for not reviewing in God knows how long...I've been keeping up though. Poor Mikey. He never seems to find the perfect man.
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