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Gayle of Genisis chapter 19 . 4/19/2007
It took me a while to read this chapter. But I finally got around to it, and I'm very glad I have. I guess the climax is in sight; I can't wait. I hope everyone gets out of this one alive.
For What Its Worth chapter 19 . 4/15/2007
Lol. Jamnis is about to learn not to leave Dana anywhere, isn't he? Plan B is pretty scared, though. Don't make them suffer too much?
tanya2byour21 chapter 19 . 4/14/2007
See I told you I would read this. I think it fantastic and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what is going to happen next. Again if I have not said this before I will say it now you an amazing writer and I love this story. Please please post more soon.

Liviania chapter 19 . 4/8/2007
Too bad Michael was restrainded sinced he couldn't burn the house down. But I'm hoping he gets to do some serious damage to Yuki, even if Dana's help is needed.

Medieval-Rogue chapter 19 . 4/8/2007
Ah…this chapter…I would have left this frustrated review earlier, but you know busy, so I won’t ramble.

The beginning of this chapter was really…something else. I loved how you led up to Michael’s urge for fire and Dana’s almost casual anger at the thought of him setting the house ablaze (of course he can’t do that, because Tanner is inside! And little Caleb, too). At the same time, I really wish the boy had set James on fire. That would have made the end of the chapter a lot less, as I said, frustrating (and of course, this means you are doing your very best job at being a talented author through this).

The beginning was really enhanced, too, by the fact that Dana couldn’t…see. It took a new approach to detailing the scenes, and added to the confusion, making me feel like I had my eyes closed as I read it (and when she bumped her head – ow!). I mentioned briefly how I hadn’t realized that Chance, the stupid bear, had grown on me, but it’s true – when he showed up in front of a ‘blind’ Dana, it made me feel…warm and hopeful. Despite the fact that I knew things were going to slam back into my face.

Like when Sakura was captured. *rolls eyes*

I don’t know if I can properly elaborate exactly how…proud I am of Dana, either. She really has grown, in her own small ways, throughout these two stories, and I really saw it in this chapter. She was willing to trust Kathleen (“Tell me what the heck is going on”), brave the surrounding danger to yell at Michael (his middle name is Gregory? What’s Tanner’s? _), and later formulate a plan (the details of which we don’t really know yet – except that it doesn’t quite matter now that she’s resorting to a Plan B rescue mission type thing – the details of which we similarly don’t know *pointed stare*). I have a feeling that the end of this story is going to bring a new confidence to our main character, and I am eager to see how she gains it.

And I must not forget how amazingly well you incorporate good, witty humor into ALL of this without wrecking suspense or emotion. From Chance’s “bemused “Rawr?”” to ““All of the Reeds are completely out of their minds,” he (Jamnis) snapped…Dana: “I love you too.” It’s a rare ability that you have really grasped a stronghold of, and for that, you should be proud.

Unfortunately, there were some areas of this that…well…Dana clearly has yet to grow. Like her hesitancy at KILLING THE CASTER BASTARD, whose been tracking down an entire generation of Asian chicks and wiping out their and their children’s chance at safe happiness! *rolls eyes* AND he’s a Vampire! We would think it’d be easy to do, but…well…it is human for her to be unsure of entirely destroying a man, so…well done.

I know this review is going to be short in comparison with most of them, and as you said, the chapter was shorter, but neither of these things make it any less important, because I realized a lot of things in this chapter. The largest of which I hinted at in the beta as an epiphany upon reading the line: “I exhaled and shut my eyes. Calming down was going to be so easy now, sure.” It was then that I realized… I know Dana. No, I mean I KNOW Dana! I can’t describe it, but it’s like I don’t just know how she works, or her personality, or background, or all those things that make a person a person, but I KNOW her, like as I read this story, she has a distinct voice that I have in my head, like of someone…that you KNOW. I really can’t describe this or not, but it’s like having been around a person so long, so intimately, that you reach this indescribable level of understanding. The best way I can put it is as I have already – she has a distinct voice, one which I can pick out and think of and recognize immediately. THAT, I believe, is an accomplishment worthy of much more praise than what I can do justice for in this one review, and would probably disgrace just by trying to. You are genius, whether you know it, acknowledge it, or not.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the ending phrase truly did give me shivers. “We’re Plan B.” This was probably strengthened by the confusion I’m already in as to what the heck Plan A is (forgoing the knowledge that it involves rocks), where in the heck the stalker took Sakura off to, and what in the world is this new grave danger that Dana sees fit to brave to save the lovely guys with her rocks? I don’t think I’ve really ever hit a suspenseful part of a story that, while leading into the next step/chapter, actually gave me shudders, but this one did.

You actually wrote an outline for the next chapter? Wow – sorry, but I know that most of your plans involve “Wing it” mostly, and I’m really glad that it’s working for you! And I truly understand about feeling that one’s subconscious is more artistic than we realize – you often comment on a number of parallels in my chapters, like apples and sisters and…other stuff, but most of the time, I had never even noticed the connections that you did (with the exception of Judiska and the other sick people in the story – that was mostly on purpose). Grr…yeah…we finally…accept Kat, I guess…anyone who knows what the Spanish Inquisition was and knows what Vampires are should be able to feel empathy on that note. Tanner meeting Eirene? Wow. That WOULD be amusing.

As always and yet always uniquely so, AMAZING chapter, full of suspense, emotion, epiphanies (for me), great characterization, and plot-thickening action. You know how eager I am for the next chapter.
snow blossoms chapter 19 . 4/6/2007
this is beautiful! i can't wait to see why james richardson is being such a biotch~ and i'm glad that dana and kat have finally reconciled! dana's new found powers are also rather interesting; it's amazing how aura-sight can be so helpful. (: thank you for updating and i'm very much looking forward to the other! (:
Scribblesandink chapter 19 . 4/6/2007
I was just about to go to school when I caught sight of this. Nice chapter. Finally, more action! *cheers and does dance* I'm excited that Kathleen and Dana are finally finding some sort of balance, even though it is kind of 'in the heat of the moment' what with being attacked and all. Although I do wonder what Dana's plan is...
sych77 chapter 18 . 4/3/2007
I re-surface! (Sorry, university is busy. So is work. And my little social life is like a bonsai tree - for something so small it seems to take a lot of time. And the stupid idea for a story whose main character seems to be trying to beat his way out of my skull with a pointy rock. Disobedient life!)

*ahem* cough cough

Well, as Avery has not yet returned I can still harbour hopes that he will come back from abroad with an inquenchable lust for Dana - who, confused and bewildered by the curse and Kat and life in general, will fall into his arms and decide that he's pretty spunky and who cares if he's her best friend's boyfriend and her boyfriend's best friend, it's totally worth it. I clasp my hands in fervent prayer that this will be so. Go, prayers, go!

In other, less sugar-induced news, I had expected something along the lines of the Spanish inquisition - though not that itself, for some reason I couldn't think beyond the Reign of Terror, completely out of the timeline but hey, logic's overrated - so I'm content we finally found out what makes Kat so schizo. Kat is queen.

I am curious about Caleb though. If he is wearing hearing aids, it indicates that he is not entirely without unaided hearing. So why then did he just stare at Dana? Being as young as he is, he would also have picked up lip-reading and other compensatory strategies pretty quickly. Was it dark? Where there any lights on? Or was he just stunned by what he saw in Dana to the point that he couldn't comprehend anything? Hrrm the questions multiply until I wonder if I'm reading too much into it. Forgive me, I study audiology.

I knew lawyers were evil! I should've guessed from the 'Y'. Well, maybe not. Y isn't a common initial, but perhaps he had some Russian in his family and was named Yosef. Or maybe he was a drag queen on his sunday nights and the Y standed for Yasmin. But I'm just trying to make excuses. What does this mean for Caroline, though? She's awesome, I must say. "they should really have a generator." Pure class. I wish I could say something like that in emergencies. I'm also wondering how Mr Se - er, Tobias - will fit into the storyline. Psychic blackmailing? Freaky dreams?

Sorry for the rambling. I did a Dana and ingested some sugar to keep me awake so I can study through the night for a test tomorrow. Somehow I ended up reading though. Go figure. Short attention spam mmhm. Anyways, good work! I've probably confused and frightened you enough for one review, and I really should get some study done. Especially as I don't think I'm being very helpful, hehe. Review you next time!
For What Its Worth chapter 18 . 3/19/2007
I think I am starting to develop an immunity to cliffhangers. If that is possible. So are we goign to start to like Kathleen, or does Dana still hate her? I am also looking forward to seeing Michael show off. But I was hoping ot see more of Luke, Tanner, and Caleb. And Chance.
Jenniexb chapter 18 . 3/12/2007
great cliff hanger, can't wait for the next time.
A.V.Mackie chapter 18 . 3/11/2007
Yay a new chapter! :D Groovy stuff, though I thought that the bit about the Inquisition seemed sorta just stuck on, as if you wanted to get that said before you ended the chapter. Everything else was just groovy, oh and I loved Kat's little frog friend, it's so coot!
Turdlock chapter 18 . 3/9/2007
The first thing that popped into my head as I read the last sentence was "MICHAEL!" lol. Poor Michael, the guy just can't get a break. :D All that's time the bad guy was right there. Dang, that must be really frustating. XD duh. lol. It was great to see that you up dated! Yay.
Gayle of Genisis chapter 18 . 3/9/2007
Thanks to this chapter, I no longer hate Kathleen; I mean I thought I would always hate her, but things change I guess, I'm looking forward to your next chapter.
Liviania chapter 18 . 3/8/2007
That is an even more evil cliffhanger . . . and your Spring Break is later than mine. Mine starts this Sat. _ Then I turn 18 next Sat!

Hehe, I smiled when Dana pulled the stuffed frog out of her purse. And when Kathleen jumped on Mikey when he arrived.

Medieval-Rogue chapter 18 . 3/8/2007
Ugh. You KNOW how good the cliffhanger is…and how torturous, too.

From the very beginning of this chapter I felt a deep sense of foreshadowing, which I don’t know if anyone else picked up on, or even whether you meant it or not…but it’s very profound. I love it. The subtle imagery of a storm, how the chapter begins and ends with Dana and Jamnis seated beside one another in the car, and just…goodness… too many things I can’t even describe that you made into ingredients for this upcoming climax (Ha! You admit it!). Really fantastic.

I wonder sometimes exactly how many mystery stories you’ve read in your life, because you are extremely good at bringing that element into Blood Lust. No matter how cruel to the readers it was of you to break the scene and not tell us Kat’s story while Dana learned it, it was literary…seduction. You kept giving teasers throughout the chapter and throughout the story, really, none of which I could fully sympathize with until…BAM! Spanish Inquisition. Anyone who knows anything about that…and I do… knows of its horrors. And Kat going through those trials as a vampire? Finally, you produced some empathy within me, you brilliant writer, you. I especially liked that you had Jamnis speaking in Spanish for her…very nice touch. Oh! It was….(gosh, I feel like I’m running out of good adjectives to rightfully review your work with – how many times can I say ‘amazing’ without sounding like a broken record?) incredible to read the moment that Dana put the stuffed frog in Kat’s hand before leaving the room. The action emphasized how moved our main character was by the SlutGirl’s story, and even though we didn’t know it at the time, we knew enough about how Dana felt previously towards Kat to know the significance of it. Very fascinating.

The imagery throughout the chapter really…really… REALLY was captivating, and at times subtle to a flawless degree. From the sweating glass to Jamnis’ smooth voice – all of it really caught my attention and strongly emphasized events, characters, and setting.

I must say that I am really impressed by all the characters you have created throughout these two stories (Bad Blood / Blood Lust). Sakura seemed, in the beginning, to be a …kind, polite, and rather modest character, but has since shown passion, strength, and incredible fortitude. Chance, on the other hand, seemed so coarse and …almost rude in his outward apathy to anyone but Sakura, but you have really fleshed him out to be a loving, sometimes even sweet, person who looks out for his family and fiancé. You’re right about Eirene, too, she is fiery, and in comparison to some of the more modest to normal females (especially Dana)…I bet yes, she would be fun to write.

And TANNER! *giggles* So, so, SO cool. I love his character. Plain and simple. And like I said, it may have a small bit to do with the fact that I helped you name him, but his character is… what can I say…I have a thing for silent guys. I suppose it’s because they’re kind of rare. Caleb was cute too, interesting to say the least – I’m still wondering in the back of my head why he was so fixated with Dana. Does he see auras or something? But Tanner is… ahh… comparable to how you feel towards Arundis. He and Michael will most definitely be compatible, and I cannot wait until Mikey meets him….

…After he’s done being ATTACKED! *rolls eyes* Possibly the best (meanest!) cliffhanger you have teased us with in a very long time, if not ever. We all know the caster lives down the road. We all know he’s probably pissed as hell. And now we all know that he KNOWS Dana. This, of course, spells out…some very intense future chapters that I am drooling to read.

Dana has really progressed a lot as well, like…amazingly so. In this chapter, the part where she could tell by just a look that Jamnis felt…disappointed when Kat wanted to see Mikey and not him… not only intuitive, but it really displayed how much she loves him. And again, his reaction, especially the way you wrote it- “Lover…” – intensified this even more.

I think the thing I truly revel at in this story and series as a whole is … how unique you have made your world, and more importantly, your Vampires. I love that their eyes change, that their fangs extend at certain times, and that Dana can tell what Jam’s mean when they do. It’s something many authors only touch on – the eyes- but you have really created your own fictional world that is by no means cliché and it is enthralling every step of the way.

The caster. *shakes my head* I knew it was coming – James Y. Richardson. I don’t think you mentioned the ‘Y’ in there standing for “Yuki” (
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