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Scribblesandink chapter 18 . 3/8/2007
Hey, forgot to say in my last review that I changed my penname from 'BarnAngel56' to this, 'Freedom Star' simply because I wanted a change. I really enjoyed this chapter, like always. I don't know much about the Spanish Inquisition but from how you've portrayed Kathleen I can kind of get a feel for how bad it was.

Oh, and what was it that Caleb wanted with Dana? Do we find out? and do Caleb and Tanner have any powers?

Looking forward to the next chapter; very glad that we won't be waiting 1 month this time, hehe. I'd never be able to juggle 4 AP classes; hope you get some more breathing room in between all of your responsibilities.
hells666angel chapter 18 . 3/8/2007
this is way way meaner! and omg i want 19 here soned! aww jamnis and dana are so cute :P hehe hopeflly soon theyll get two minutes to themselves! na still dont like kat! soz but i dont :D

x forever faitful fan rachel x
Liviania chapter 17 . 2/17/2007
Oh gosh, I loved Eirene creeping out the SS people. That was excellent. And it was funny to have Michael walk in on his sister and Jamnis!

Oh, that was an awful cliffhanger! I hope Kathleen's alright . . .

michelle chapter 17 . 1/30/2007
Out standing, I can't wait for the next chapter.
Jenniexb chapter 17 . 1/29/2007
Yeah! Another chapter. Yep I could see Mikey's eyes when he walked in on that scene. I have a mean streak too I guess, haha. Post again soon.
Medieval-Rogue chapter 17 . 1/28/2007
Ah! The beginning of this chapter was simply…*grins* Awesome. Dana’s perspective was very true, and you did an excellent job making me feel the same, that it had been too long since they really kissed. The storyline was really quick to pick up again, too, which I always love when reading a new chapter of yours; it really emphasizes the ‘first person’ feel/reality of the whole story.

It was…unique that you had all the guests in Jamnis’ house, because this really led up almost immediately to his discomfort. Icky SS people…which again, you did a most marvelous job of creating, from physical to character descriptions – all were exceptional, but not too different (like with one eye and a peg leg kind of unique), and really accomplished introducing these characters, even if we’ll never hear from them again (I hope not…they’re…icky).

The conversations that ensued were…tense, and literarily speaking, genius. Everything further reinforced these new characters and reaffirmed characters we’ve already met, or even (mostly in Eirene and Sakura’s case) strengthened traits they have. It truly was frustrating to read of Eva and all her…snobbishness, and…disgusting to read of Bernard, who should be royally fired from the Parapsychology institute or something for being such a creepy pervert (okay, so he really wasn’t that much of a pervert…but still…I never appreciate slovenly perverseness…people should take lessons from Saul, because that’s about the only kind I like…well…-_- I’ll stop this discussion, because it would probably get really complicated).

I really loved reading of Sakura’s …near-explosion, because Dana was right in noticing the difference: she normally is very calm, collected, a tad shy, and polite. Hearing her call someone names (snake charmer – very good, by the way) and speak with such …frustration really further fleshed her character in a very good way. Sometimes shy characters can be really horrible because they won’t stand up for something when it needs to be… but when they do, my goodness, its amazing. I can’t wait to read what her Magick does _.

And Eirene! *chuckles* She seems like someone I could rather get along with quite well. She doesn’t usually come up in the story in person a lot, but its always interesting when she does (If I remember correctly…she wore a cowboy hat once…and if I am remembering it right, it’s because it definitely stuck in my head...if not…perhaps I’m having weird dreams again). And its perfectly Irish of her, too, reminding me quite a lot of an older/ not Vampire character in Kushiel’s Legacy, an Irish female warrior – Graine mac Conor. Anyway…really cool to see more of her, because what she did was beyond amazing and hilarious.

Seriously, very seriously, that has to be my second favorite part of this chapter, especially when kissed and left marks on Bernard’s lips. Genius.

The first, as you can guess, is the proximity to MAKEUP SEX that Jamnis and Dana almost had! *laughs* Yes, it is probably more frustrating to me than it was to Dana, Jamnis, or Michael (hehe), but in literary fashion, as always, it is brilliant. The imagery, the actions, words, and emotions (not to mention setting…curtains wide open enthralling for my mind) exchanged were …captivating. I really did get a flutter in my heart when Dana asked Michael to leave the room, because I knew something was coming. At first, when Jamnis took her hands off of him…I felt really…erg…distraught, and almost sorrowful…and then…ah! The elation at his words, “Then again… perhaps we won’t,” was incredible! I giggled and bit my lip and grinned and even if they didn’t get to have some very long-awaited romance in that room, what they did do was absolutely enticing and amazing anyway. Especially Jamnis’ light moan. Sheer delight on my part.

The words following that beloved paragraph of teasing sensuality…were equally brilliant. “Michael walked in just as I finished opening Jamnis’s shirt.” *laughs* It was truly hilarious and…still held a lot of the sensual feel from before…definitely an interruption, but interruptions always take a little longer to fully impact, and you really produced that splendidly. Even more so…with, “My brother made a strangled noise and my boyfriend growled”. I love that part!

So here, I say, I CANNOT WAIT until Michael gets some action and loving of his own. Poor puppy dog. I won’t say the name now, in case others ever read this review before said character comes into play (heh, no pun intended), but…well…still… Everything in this chapter made me really look forward to that meeting, and very excited that he’ll be in the next chapter.

Bah…Gavin. It’s hard to describe the kind of character he is…but I suppose it’s the semi-creepy Vampire that sometimes one hates, sometimes one appreciates (
Gayle of Genisis chapter 17 . 1/27/2007
Kathleen's future looks very dim, I hope she isn't dead or anything, I may not like her too much but I don't despise her enough to wish her character was dead. I'm a little disappointed with Dana and Jamnis' romatic scene in this chapter, I was gunning for them to finally do the dirty deed, oh well. Update when possible.
hells666angel chapter 17 . 1/27/2007

that was a mean cliffe hanger!

and jam needs fod

gr kat causes so many problems when is she leaving?

hehe x
Scribblesandink chapter 17 . 1/26/2007
*cackles* I like your sense of humor. It was quite amusing to see Michael's reaction to walking in on Jamnis and Dana. Hehe. And I love what Eirene did, fooling with Eva and Bernard's minds like that. It was so funny, they almost ran out of the room.

Now what Eirene said about being invited to Detroit...does that mean we'll be seeing them travel to Detroit sometime in this story? Oh, and I can see why Eirene isn't too pleased with the SS. They all but ran out of the house!

And Chance found Kathleen. For some reason I find that odd; but I guess we'll find out. She's probably in a right state. But we'll see...:) Thanks for another awesome chapter! I love this story!
Ice and Snow chapter 16 . 1/20/2007
amazing story. i'm like...hooked. gotta continue soon!
AubriannaKnight chapter 16 . 1/20/2007
Awe, for once I'm totally feeling bad for Kat. I hope she's ok and that they find her.

Poor Matt... I give him a big hug because he's all kinds of sad that Kat may be hurt.
myapologiesnolongerinuse chapter 16 . 1/15/2007
Wow,this is a very interesting story. You did a good job developing the characters- they all have intriguing personalities and their own quirks. The tone and mood is also set quite nicely. Can't wait until you update
Gayle of Genisis chapter 16 . 1/12/2007
I'm late to review again. Sorry, the chapter was wonderful to read, especially the part when Micheal asks his sister about the night she left, plus Dana has one mean sugar habit, but I like it, her gorging of sugar makes her seem more real as a character. Update soon.
For What Its Worth chapter 16 . 1/10/2007
Yay! I am most curious about the youngest two. got my hopes up and now Kathleen isn't dead? That's cruelty. lol. Glad to hear you're updating soon. You are an expert on keeping readers on tenterhooks.
sych77 chapter 16 . 1/10/2007
I'm feeling more than a little stalkerific right now. A few days ago, I was staring in frustration at my FF profile, wondering why emails weren't out - when I noticed that 'Kerist' was on my favourite authors list. Thoughts unfolded as so; "I wonder if Vacation Underground has been updated recently... WHAT? Almost a year with no progress?... I wonder what's happened to Kerist... WHAT? A FP link? Let's check it out... Vampires? SWEET!"

I believe that was Tuesday's general outline. Since then I have become utterly entranced by the world you have created. I haven't been able to stop reading until (alas) there is no more to read. I've tried to list what I have enjoyed so much about your stories, so a pretentious review follows!;

The characters and world you have created make perfect sense. Jamnis, Sirel and even Dana all have their bad days as well as good, and even the goodies have flaws and the baddies redeeming qualities. They are utterly engaging, and portrayed as so human (or, I suppose, so vampiric). For example, I can understand why Jamnis and Avery are so possessive of their girls and would shy away from a more balanced relationship, and why the girls rebel against them. Everyone has their good and bad points, and this includes Kathleen, even though she is Dana's potential rival. You give us chances to feel sympathetic towards her and grow to like her, as well as roll our eyes and grumble. Many people would be tempted to make her just plain bitchy, but especially in this chapter with her fake break down, we can see her courage and strength.

I also am in awe of the attention to detail with which you have created the world around the characters. I never would have thought of a synthetic blood industry, but it makes so much sense! And laws of human and vampire interaction. One of the strongest things that stays in my mind is Jamnis saying "they'd take you away from me" when he and Dana are talking about what would happen if the police found out about the many bites in 'Bad Blood'. And the trouble with the timing, night versus day.

The plot is as twisty as calligraphy. I'm totally hooked.

I really feel as if I am telepathic when I read this. I can convince myself I am piggy-backing in Dana's mind. Her voice is so believable, and I really connect with her, but you've also allowed me out of the straight-jacket of her thought by giving me details to make up my own mind, for example my pity for Kathleen, respect for Chance (how many people would love a cursed chick?) and my amusement at Gavin.

And last but not least, your story is fantastic because... of... Avery. Er... whoops. I meant to insert something wise here. Is it wrong that I want him and Dana to get together? She'd be her nephew's grandma.

Anyway, I absolutely love your stories to the point of freakish obsession. They shine like gems. You are a truly amazing writer, and I honestly believe you are better than the majority of published writers out there. I can't wait for the next update!
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