Reviews for Giving In
With Rhyme and Reason chapter 1 . 3/4/2006
Yes, this is good. In general, I don't love haikus, but this one is, like I said, pretty good. Your line lengths are perfect. A problem I see a lot in haikus is that people waste words. I mean, you're only allowed a total of 17 syllables, so in my opinion, you'd better choose your words carefully. You did. That's why you're awesome! *virtual applause*

About the meaning of the poem... Well, it's still pretty early in the morning and brain is coated with that goo it gets when it's sleeping, so here's my best shot: I like the meaning you wrote about the person who has seen too much. But I think it's even nicer to picture the speaker as Earth or the collective soul of humanity. With the war going on, poverty, murder, rape, treachery in general-the world has become a living hell and it knows this. We know this. And now there's no other choice but to self-destruct.

Nice job, here.