Reviews for Web of Lies
Shishou chapter 36 . 12/19/2007
i love that. "what are you thinking about?"

"I'm just thinking about how I’m going to explain this all to my dad."

very good line. love it.
Shishou chapter 29 . 12/19/2007
I'm so happy that they're together again, but I noticed there's just a few more chapters left, and after something so wonderful as Denny and Lynne, well, something dramatic is bound to happen. Since, you know, this IS the world of the group.
Shishou chapter 26 . 12/19/2007
When Lynne said yes to blackmail, I literally screamed out no. This is such a good read.
Shishou chapter 25 . 12/19/2007
i knew it! i totally called that! denny ISN'T a jerk! he never had the bet! yay!

i love how you brought vincent back, and had denny and him talk. plus, this chapter was just littered with little things that made it enjoyable. vincent, jade's talk with jerred, the bet. i really liked how the group is kind of breaking apart. jerred chooses to spend time with jade, and denny went off to spend lunch with vincent, and i think lynne would choose to hang out with denny and vincent over the group. interesting.
Shishou chapter 24 . 12/19/2007
YAY! team anthony and lynne sank into the middle of the sea, and now denny can rescue lynne from the ocean blue - and eva to anthony - and let team denny and lynne sail once again with pride.

Shishou chapter 23 . 12/19/2007
ahh, they're Canadians. I was wondering why I didn't recognize the towns - though, since I'm NOT Canadian, or even visited Canada, I'm not even sure if those are middle-of-nowhere places or not. haha
Shishou chapter 22 . 12/19/2007
argh, no! she needs to be with DENNY! gah.
Shishou chapter 21 . 12/19/2007
holy shnickes. this story has so much drama. i love it.
Shishou chapter 20 . 12/19/2007
is this what you meant before (i think in a review reply) that there would be times where we will love and hate caysee? i guess it was nice of her to let lynne get 100% on the homework. the teacher was being a tart.
Shishou chapter 19 . 12/19/2007
ooh, denny is still the man of mystery, not wanting lynne in the group. i wonder why, but it's too late to find out. :/

and lynne and denny never made up, really. humph.
Shishou chapter 17 . 12/19/2007
ah! anthony! grr... he needs to be found.

and i hate caysee.

this story is so dramatic and exciting and fun. :]
Shishou chapter 14 . 12/19/2007
i wish not to believe in the bet. i guess i'm in denial until i find out if it's real or not, but i don't care. denny is too cool for that. GO DENNY! i hope he isn't really that cruel.
Shishou chapter 5 . 12/17/2007
okay, what the frak julie? she's so...odd. just because lynne didn't want to spread the group hate, doesn't mean julie can vandalize her stuff. i'm infuriated...enraged...and i want to smack that beeyotch. haha

oh, and question! is dana pregnant?
Shishou chapter 3 . 12/17/2007
this is so funny to me because i moved to a new school this year, and there isn't a popular group, refreshing since my old school had one. poor lynne got the funky school. :/
chocolatechipash chapter 1 . 11/18/2007
very intricate plot, wow did u plan it out or was it a think of it at the time thing? coz its amazing. your characters are realistic and there aren't many grammatical errors - if any. overall fantastic, i didnt really like the ending i think it dragged out too long and seemed unrealistic. if u were to reqrite i would suggest to fix that part. good chemistry between denny and lynne. really really descriptive and imaginative

hope u keep writing/
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