Reviews for Jaded Girl Grows Up
charlotte-the-spider chapter 1 . 4/20/2007
i love it!

u r my new favorite Poet!

u have a gift.

and don't let anyone tell u diffrent.
pinhead.gunpowder chapter 1 . 3/7/2006
Thanks for the review. Somehow, this poem seems to reflect on your life. It probably IS your life, and I'm being an idiot. I don't know, it looks like you have a couple of "repetitive" haters, but hey, you can't help it if it's a point you want to hammer home. Constructive critism is better than bashing at someone's work, which is what I believe some review artist did. Anyways, I like how this poem kind of has a cresendo (sp.?), building up to reach a climax. Using perhaps desolate words to describe a beginning, hopeful to describe a middle, and inspiring to cap it off. I haven't seen you in so long...but I'm glad that our distance doesn't stop you from reviewing my poems, I think you've done every one now. I have an assignment for english where we have to write 10 poems. I've already got 9, I'm a happy lady indeed. Anyways..weird. I don't know. I don't like it being awkward between us, as you know, I'm an emotional person, and I tend to romanticize things a bit. Not meaning I imagine people having sex, but I mean more to the dramatic point of perspective. I make it more moody in my head than it really is. I don't's weird. I miss you, but I don't know if you miss me. Like if you've moved on or not, and you have every reason to, although we've both made it clear that it wasn't my fault. I'm being emotional again. Anyways, I AM doing well, thank you. I'll be going to Sechelt for Spring Break, and I'm continuing work, over $10 in my bank now, and busying myself over daily hockey news and the upcoming baseball season. Billie Joe dyed his hair blonde. Terrors. I hope that you're doing well. I guess I' know. Maybe see you around.