Reviews for Lymericks
Aetha Daemon chapter 1 . 5/25/2006
I love the first two, but the last one was lacking in depth and imagination. The first two told stories, and I respect the writer who can take, what, five lines, and tell a story with a moral and a little humor. I especially like your use of the word 'guy' in The Grinch, since it makes it seem more casual and humerous. I do, however, think that you should break the standard for the syllabic rhythm in The Grinch's last line, and add "and" to the very beginning of the line. It would make the poem come to a definite conclusion. By the way, thanks for reviewing my nonsense poem. I have more coming in the well as some uncharacteristically dark ones. Also, I would like it very much if you looked at the ones without reviews, since I REALLY want to know what others think of them. They are not long, and they are generally the ones that I think need the most work and care. Thank you! ~Aetha
Vas Da Gama chapter 1 . 3/15/2006
That was too liked the one about the read limericks in a ones you wrote made me smile.:o)
Made in Britain chapter 1 . 3/14/2006
Nice! My Grandma is actually from Limerick. Here are a couple of classics:

There once was a woman from Ealing,who had a peculiar feeling,so she lay on her back,and opened her crack,and pissed all over the ceiling!

There was an old man from China,who wasn't a very good climber,he fell off a rock,and cut off his cock,and now he's got a vagina!