Reviews for Stand Beside You
The Fourth Fate chapter 1 . 3/19/2006
OMFG. OMG OMG OMG. ELH! Jesus. I don't think I've ever read anything more beautiful or true or or or just ah. I can SO relate. And wow. This is amazing. I love that part "because" all by itself. And the rhyming really worked. It wasn't over done or too subtle. It was PERFECT. That's what this poem is. Perfection. E, congradulate yourself MAJOR. This is absolutely phenomonal. My favorite part: (well beside the WHOLE FUCKING THING)

"You knew your love for her would never mean anything/Yet you felt whole, you felt complete/And with your love for her/I just cannot compete" What a grabber. It starts with this little story weaving though it that catches the readers attention. And the rhymning just felt so right. The words flowed, the imgery glowed (woah rhyme alert!) and it was just so entracing.

"So maybe I’m jealous/That you are blind/To those around you/That you can’t seem to find" WOW. What imagery and the feeling is just utter hopelessness and despair and someone else's short comings. And isn't it those same short comings that make us love them?

"After she found who she wanted/There was no turning back/She forgot about you/And the qualities you lacked" This like continues with the story and how the emotions are real and the feelings are real. And the whole forgetting thing. I could so hear this as a song, too.

"But I’ll always be by your side/No matter how blind you may be/But I ask one thing from you/Please don’t forget me" Aw. That feeling like "who cares that the world is crashing down around me. I couldn't move if I wanted you and the last thing I want is to leave you anyway."

"Because" It's like as simple as that. Sometimes one word can mean SO much. "love" "hate" "life" "death" or in this case "because." Okay I'm teasing a little right now. Death is a little more powerful than "because" but it's definately up there. haha. In all seriousness, though. I really do love that.

"No matter how much/I have to go through/For you to realize that/My love is true/I will always/Stand beside you" Aw. That last promise, the poem winding down... the eternal love. No wonder you're juliet is the celebration. E, absolutely amazing. The ending was great.

Okay this is by far one the longest reviews I've ever written so you KNOW you deserve it. This is going on the favorites list.