Reviews for What Do They Want Us To Think?
liquid-dreams-139 chapter 1 . 4/13/2006
omg this poem is so true it made me realize so much stuff... wow i just love this poem tx for opening my eyes...
iheartmyviolin chapter 1 . 3/29/2006
ooh. very thought-provoking...
gatha chapter 1 . 3/28/2006
is it the media? is it american idol? is it steve allen (whoever HE is)? No! It's...a...yearbook...OK, that works to! Happy faces everyone, it's time for a field trip! One way, true, but hey not if you're Hindu!

Normally when I look at yearbooks I'm trying to find a friend's last name so I can find them in the phonebook and call them to play soccer, otherwise I get mad at my mom for stealing my soul.

Personally, I don't like pictures. They don't tell your story but people make assumptions out of them anyway. And if you don't have pictures you're unloved or depressed. Really all pictures are are memory starters and for some that's fine. For me though I'm more concerned about the future. So I learned how to ride a bike, I had a birthday cake with balloons on it when I was three. So what? What does that really show about the paths I chose to follow in life? What does it say about my future? Nothing. And how can friends be important to you if you need to plaster their faces in your locker and on your walls as a constant reminder of who your friends are? When you look at the smiling faces you will think about the good old days and become frozen, rethinking friendships that have been for years with those that are frozen in time. You'll always look at the picture and think of better times and regret. Why not simply appreciate friends for what they are and don't try to frame the good with no thought to the bad. All this accomplishes is a reluctance to walk new and uncertain paths.

As for what people want us to think, they want you to know they are there for you. Yes, there is always a greater fall. Yes, there will be few if any who understand what you have experienced, but at least there are people that will stand by you right? People who will try to help you back to your feet even when you slap aside the offered hand. People who will help you through or make the most of this greater error. And besides, does it really matter that "you can’t relate to what you’ll never know"? At least there is someone who is willing to try.
deathbyeuphoria chapter 1 . 3/28/2006
I love it. Hide the shadows, the mistakes, the imperfections and hope that a smooth seamless surface is all that people will see. It's sad but true; society is a big fat web of lies.