Reviews for Or So the Story Goes
dinochaser chapter 1 . 3/8
Did you get them to put your name as the author ? I hope they did . Your an amazing author .
Sapphire Faith chapter 47 . 2/12
I actually noticed one not-so-colossal mistake. You switched Vincent's name for Victor when talking about how Stacey and Dru planned on giving their doves to their oldest children. But other than that, this epilogue summed things up nicely. I really like the way you added in that part on how they didn't live happily ever after, because no one ever really does.
Sapphire Faith chapter 46 . 2/12
Cinderella acts exactly like her step-mother did. It's... a little different from the original storyline, not that the rest of the story is completely like the fairytale. I hope Helena doesn't run into more opposition because of her deformities. And I hope Peter will end up happy. Just because he seems to be a nice guy that's just caught up in all of this.
Sapphire Faith chapter 45 . 2/12
That escalated quickly. I love your writing style. It pretty much keeps me guessing. I like the way that Dru still loves her mother even though her mother was horrible to her. You also have a hilarious sense of humor.
Sapphire Faith chapter 44 . 2/12
Now you're making me sort of doubt that Alex is alive. But, if Alex is dead, why is Penelope so excited, and who would have sent that letter? If he is alive, then what is Dru sensing? I still noticed a mistake that I've mentioned in the past. Other than that, this chapter was really good.
Sapphire Faith chapter 43 . 2/10
I like the way it's all being resolved. It's a little fast, but it's also a nice pace because, at least to me, it kind of shows how Dru's life is kind of turning into a giddy whirl because the pieces are starting to fit together and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw that there are still times that you've put in a lowercase m in "Mother," but it's just a small mistake.
Sapphire Faith chapter 42 . 2/10
I half expected Alex to be alive because it didn't seem like the type of story to keep going unless something big happened. And Alex still being alive somehow seemed like the only logical thing to be that. I do like how you've written the story. It really does come together beautifully.
CharBLord chapter 47 . 1/26
You need to get this story published! Please,please, pretty please with a cherryontop. This may be one of the best stories I have read in awhile and as an avid reader that means something. The way you connected all of their plots, and the ending, and ALEX. Wow,for a moment I thought he was actually dead, boy did I shedsome tears. Haha. May I say, well I will anyway, you are an AMAZING writer, I mean yes, this story could use some work, but all stories have errors. As far asplot, characters, and themes go, you have outdone some wellknown, famous writers. I absolutely loved this story and I hope you never stop writing... ever. You are gifted, I mean how on EARTH?! Sorry, I'm being hyper! Haha. It's just,this was truly a fantastic piece of work. I hope you publish it and continue writing, because honey, this is what you were born for! Hehe! I'm kidding, well, not really! I'm serious though, I could see this becoming a movie! Well, that's all I have to say other than thank you so much for sharing this incredible story with the world instead of keeping it all bottled up! I wish you the best!
Iceleaf chapter 48 . 1/21
A good story as usual for you.
I hope you do get published and that this plagiarism problem is resolved satisfactorily for you.
Drusilla is very forgiving.
I find it unfortunate that she could not be queen, with all the talk of her being a good one.
Iceleaf chapter 33 . 1/20
What does that idiot think he is doing?
Sapphire Faith chapter 41 . 1/18
That was an unexpected twist in the story. I love how you add in little bits of different stories and mesh them into one. This chapter was really good.
sunshineg9 chapter 48 . 12/29/2013
To bad about the plagurism.

Omg! This was awesome! I just love it. You could use a little more details but other than that it was perfect. :) :)
Lover Of Good 'Ol Books chapter 48 . 12/6/2013
This was one exceptional read!
I loved it.
It's not usually my cup if tea but with the way it's written and the plot sounded intriguing so I tried it out,and I must say that I do not regret it at all!
You are a phenomenal author and I wish you the best with everything.
Also thank you for not taking this down even after the injustice that some cruel people have done.
Sapphire Faith chapter 40 . 11/17/2013
I think Claire's and Darren's relationship progressed a little too fast, but it's all right.
Sapphire Faith chapter 39 . 11/17/2013
I like the way you add in other fairytale stories without drawing too much attention away from the main storyline. This chapter was cute.
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