Reviews for Goddess of the Night
AcidxxPops chapter 1 . 4/13/2006
Wow, Rae, I like it alot. It's super good, you need to continue it ASAP!
Jenni Mills chapter 1 . 4/8/2006
Just a few things to point out

"She drew in a long, shaky to calm her nerves and "You missed the word breath.

"thing past the dark trees loaming" should that be looming?

"she’d never had too much common sense" might be better to just say "had much common sense"

"forest behind her, and felt tore" ?

"stranger’s throat, slowing applying pressure."...slowly?

"people forget you name moments" your

"and if you say you know me than you’d know" then

"No matter, you’ll be soon enough." either you will be...or you'll be ready

"experience she’d never had but how" shold that be ever?

"They were probably catalog paper from work or something." papers

"She hoped of her bead and walked over to " bed

"her closest which " closet

"most everything had been packed " almost

"but how could she after what had just happened. " question mark

"No one knew what she could except that guy" omitted the word do

Just really minor things that you can easily fix.I enjoyed the read and can't wait to find out what happend next. You have me itching to know wha the premonition was and what else she could do, also in what way she was going to change.I did find that after her male friend left it goet a little repetitive with her questions, but i cna't wait until they meet again.