Reviews for Selfishly penned by the sin of madness, Or Birds
Lover Boy chapter 1 . 4/9/2006
Hey, lover :D

It induces internal conflict. Here's why. I like it, the words are pretty together. But also it's a little like Carol Ann Duffy. And (as you know) I'm not her biggest fan. But maybe that's just the layout duping me into a false sense of from the fact that you wrote it, the 7th line reminds me of you. A very specific image of you. I remember the sun on your face, through the window of the cornerhouse, probably during my history lesson. You were beautiful. You are beautiful. In the sunlight, more so."Songs about those days when you counted my ribs throughmy summer dresses." - wonderful imagery.I can't find anything to criticise. Honestly. Except that it LOOKS like Carol Ann Duffy.