Reviews for Diamond Throne
Talyth chapter 1 . 8/1/2006
I love this poem; it is very provocative. I've got friends with fathers like that. I love the repetition of "welcome to the top", and emphasizing this is what you want, where you want to be. And the last two lines do exactly what last lines should do: drive it home. Great piece!-Devon
Femme de Dieu chapter 5 . 4/22/2006
Such a shame no one has commented on this one. Reviews seem to be in short supply these days. Guess everyone is busy with their "real" lives, such as this piece represents.

I have to admit that I, myself, read this when you first wrote it, but didn't have "time" to review it then. ha!

It is a wonderful grouping. I could go on and on about every aspect, and I suppose I should really wait until I have the "time" to do it justice. But you know what? I'll go on and submit this review, b/c you have 5 chapters, I'll be able to come back and write more on another one! Yay! A loophole!

If only we had such loopholes in life, eh? This is a beautiful conclusion to this whole matter. We do strive too hard for the wrong things, I think. Power, fame, money - none of which matter one iota. The greatest of all things is just to be "content" in life.

And if we have found someone to spend our lives with, then relish in that. Treasure that. Nurture that. In the end, when all the rest is spent, rusted or broken, we'll still have that "other" that completes our lives, perhaps even our souls.

Nice...very nice. More later...