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RyomaPaola chapter 1 . 4/24/2012
It's so happened that I just watched 10 Things I hate about You before I read this and I agree. Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona was just wow, cute, romantic and laugh out loud funny. This story speaks to me. I love it. :)
leavemeialone chapter 12 . 4/17/2012
I can certainly relate to Mimi in wanting the whole she-bang in the romance area. Though, I am not as crazy and wild as she is. I envy that part of her. I am still in that state of being broken by society of being so timid and meek attempting to show out my spunk. Mimi is super awesome. I am glad she is getting her fairy tale. I do think that Robin isn't the one for her, it was so sweet of him to send her notes. Though I still don't think that it is exactly genuine since he made Seth write and send it to her. I AM IN TEAM SETH! He is so amazing. He is a good guy and I like him more than Robin. I think he is selfless. HE EVEN BROUGHT HER UNDERWEAR! XD It is a long-shot, but I do hope that you will one day update again. FINISH OFF THIS FAIRY TALE, GIVE US THE HAPPY ENDING I AM MORE LOOKING FOR.
Ni chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Hey Julia
NotcrazybutM chapter 1 . 12/4/2011
I just finished reading the whole thing and can I just say.. I absolutely adore this! I can't believe you haven't updated for two years, this is just wayyyy too good to be discontinued :'( Besides, Now things were getting interesting with Seth ;) Anyway, I know life gets in the way sometimes but if you EVER feel like updating.. ;PPP

Mimi is so easy for us readers to relate to and I *HOPE* she realizes that Robin is not the guy she wanted after all - even if this only happens in my dreams anyway.

Have I told you how much I love this story I already?
ColourCascade chapter 12 . 11/3/2011
Oh this is sounding absolutely awesome so far, I love it! :) And those reflective parts are so DEEP O.0 ahahaha, but really I love the fairytale - don't all girls dream of that? :) - but its also got a great storyline. Please update soon even if it has been a couple of years since you have last... PLEASE?
tiltedHead chapter 12 . 9/16/2011
somehow i get the feeling that Seth likes Mimi chapter,pls update soon,don't torture 't sounds so great,turning I know we all will always be young at heart...
tiltedHead chapter 4 . 9/15/2011
I love Mimi!(which means i luv u 2 XD)She so cute & from her daydreams that make me wanna hurl...
tiltedHead chapter 3 . 9/15/2011
OMG, who the hell kiss her? i was like only reading a pair of squishy spongy lips kiss her,hehe
tiltedHead chapter 2 . 9/15/2011
This story is really really funny!I laughed my BUTT off...
tiltedHead chapter 1 . 9/15/2011
really like this story! ) juz my type,haha
Stuck.In.Wonderland239 chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
Can I just correct one thing about the first chapter? Rapunzals prince doesn't originally fall in love with her for her beauty. He falls in love with her voice. While he is riding he suddenly hears her singing and each day he comes back to hear her song. He never sees her untill the day he sees the entrantress calling out to Rapunzal "Rapunzal, Rapunzal. Let down your hair to me" He returns that night and repeats those words to her and then for the first time he sees her. To get the full story google Original Rapunzal story by Brothers Grimm.
ohsnapples chapter 12 . 6/21/2011
Haha sorry I haven't reviewed any o the other chapters but I never really know what to say! I really like this story probably because Seth is like my dream guy! I love him and also Mimi's crazy side kind of reminds me of how I act all the time! I hope you are doing well in college! :)
S.Maug101 chapter 5 . 5/22/2011
This is BRILLIANT. I was laughing out loud the entire chapter, gaining quite a few odd looks from people nearby I can say! I love Mimi. This is genius!
CoUrAgE mAkEr chapter 5 . 5/7/2011
Omg after i read this chapter I got so thirsty cause she kept drinking water nee the end of it and I couldn't stop laughing cause all she could think about was hesseenmybut omg I was laughing so hard and since i was suppose to be asleep my dad came in to see what I was doing and i got in trouble but it was all worth it I loved this chapter i know this will sound weird but mimi sounds so muc like me it's crazy I even have fake guys I think about and I have one that I like the most and whenever I'm sick I always tell my mom and the she says no just go to school and then everyone asks why I bothered to come to school but our school doesn't have a nurse and so I go through the day in a haze and go home and crash. But it really is freaking me out how. Uch Mimi is like me the only difference is the name and that use never killed someones dog but someone once panced my brother by accident u wasn't there but I heard some girls backpack got stuck on his pants and she dropped her backpack and everything went down and fhis was in the public bus that picks up the students so everyone saw. Anyways thank you and good job

IndigoSkies chapter 12 . 5/6/2011
It was by pure chance that I stumbled upon this story but now I'm infinitely glad that I did. There has been only one story on FictionPress that I have truly and magnificently related to, and this is now a permanent companion of said story. Seriously, everything that Mimi thinks is something I've reflected on multiple times. The parallels are insane, and I'm truthfully surprised every time I notice a new one. On one hand, it's amazing to know that there are people who can actually understand everything I feel. Especially since I have yet to meet my own Jess, Liv, and Kevin. Not to mention Seth. Of course, my inner cynic has to doubt my individuality then as it often seems to be doing as of lately. It begs the question: Is anything I say or do completely unique to myself? I know it's not just Mimi (and therefore, you) but also, from what I've gathered from brief snatches of your review replies in the beginning of the story, almost if not all of your fans who can relate to everything in this story. But anyways, ignore my momentary identity crisis. This is a common occurrence.

Continuing on, your story is gorgeous. The characters are all very well-developed and interesting by themselves. Mimi herself is heartbreakingly flawed and hopelessly confused, but that only fuels my intense connection with her. I’ve also fallen in love with Kevin (An incredible sweetheart even if he has his head stuck up his ass about him and Jess. Then again, the blame is kind of mutual as you’ve pointed out), Robin (I really do like him so if you’re planning on pairing Mimi up with Seth, don’t break his heart or else. And yes, this is a threat. He really is too charming and kind for his own good.), and of course Seth (Because come on, who doesn’t love that emotionally conflicted little bugger?). I realize these are all only the male characters in the story so just to be clear; Jess and Liv are both fabulous as well. It’s just that there hasn’t been as much character development on their part (especially Liv’s). Mimi is the heroine of this story after all so it only makes sense that there won’t be as much focus on the supporting characters.

So yeah, to conclude everything I’ve crammed in here so far, I really appreciate your dedication and genius in writing this story. It’s these pieces that make my heart warm and my face ache from smiling so much. I’ve literally ignored everything that’s been going around me for the past few hours to read and review this story. It’s just that awesome. And even though you haven’t updated in about a year and a half (perhaps a subtle reminder from an enthusiastic fan?), I’m still satisfied with simply sharing my thoughts on this story with you. Therefore, thank you.
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