Reviews for Liberation
wolfiel chapter 1 . 4/26/2006
Some grammar:

"hear the drumbing"I think you mean drumming.

"quench lives parching"I'm assuming that you meant quenched.

When I read the title, this made me really think a bit, so I think it was very well named. I applaud you for that. x) The poem, itself, was a beautiful piece. The simple style of writing you used where everything runs free goes along with your topic of liberation. That was a plus. There was also the fact that I also thought it was great since there seemed to be a story within it. This story is one that I've heard very often, and it's dashed and decked throughout history. That Liberation alludes back to that is another plus on my count. I feel kind of stupid at this point because I hadn't really noticed that "we will be free" is repeated again and again between lines. BUT... I noticed it now, so I hope you'll excuse that. (