Reviews for Golden Eyes REWRITE
Shiver metimbers chapter 1 . 8/8/2006
These are by far the worst poems I have ever had the misfortune to read, honestly, and seriously ... for the good of us all, JUST STOP. You're doing far more harm then good with this foul spout of runny shit, It would be doing us a service to cease immediatly and delete all the crap we've all ready had to suffer through. Besides the fact that not a single one of your poems makes any sense ... at all, even a little ... your fascination with themes like 'blood' 'cold steel' and 'death' are boring and cliche ... pretentious and whiney they paint you to be exactly the self-indulgent over priviledged middle-class white kid I assume you are. May I personally suggest that before you write anymore anything you go out ... outside, into the world, and glean some life experience to write about. Sitting in your room watching doing whatever it is you do other than watch lame anime has clearly not inspired you sufficiently thus far.

Sincerely and with kind regards,

Shiver metimbers