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anu-chan chapter 1 . 5/21/2006
i enjoyed the way it started and yes it is kinda!
multiples of six chapter 21 . 5/21/2006
Haha, I feel special. And it did.. a couple days ago. Just for fun. )

Er.. yeah. Sex! Yay for sex. Not so good about Ezra being an asshole, but at least they told him which was good of them. And yes.. update when you can. )
C. Khafre chapter 21 . 5/21/2006
*smiles* i'm fond of this story. I know it's coming to an end now, but yeah i love it.
NekoRinChan chapter 21 . 5/21/2006
*cries*I think I can wait longer... I will be looking foward to next weekend.

(I am sorry that I am taking so long with the pictures. I need to post 'em and draw a couple more)
ShadowGal chapter 20 . 5/15/2006
So... Is Justin gonna tell Ezra about the syphilis thing? 'Cause, y'know, he should, in case teacher-dude doesn't know he has it. 'Cause otherwise, teacher-dude (and all the other dudes he may sleep with) could get hurt.
ShadowGal chapter 19 . 5/15/2006
And -that- serves Ezra right. *feels a teeny-tiny bit better for Chris and more sympathetic towards Justin*

Although this whole bad-news-from-the-tests thing does not sound good at all.

(I'd glare again, but I think all the death-glares I've been sending towards Justin today have worn me down, and I don't want my eyeballs to fall out or burst or anything else unpleasant like that.)
ShadowGal chapter 18 . 5/15/2006
*cheers Chris on* Whoo! Go get 'em! *still has very, very little sympathy for Justin* I mean, yeah. I feel bad for Justin too, but only a little bit.

If Ezra had a disease and gave it to Justin, who gave it to Chris, I will -not- be happy. *glares threateningly* Not that my displeasure will do any good, seing as how, y'know... You already have the next two chapters POSTED, but whatever...
ShadowGal chapter 17 . 5/15/2006
Hmmph. Serves Justin right. But poor Chris. *sighs* I hope he doesn't get too upset if/when he finds out... I mean, yes. Having a great ending is wonderful, but I still have to read long enough to get that far, and I don't read angst that well. It upsets me too much. *makes a face*
ShadowGal chapter 16 . 5/15/2006
First off, I want to point out how horribly, horribly perverted the title for the previous chapter can sound if you take it in the wrong way. Like I did. (My mind's almost -never- in the gutter, but I suppose that today it just won't get out of there!) I only noticed once I'd already submitted my review, but thought that I'd mention it here.

As for this chapter... Well. Golly gee whiz, Justin, the fact that Chris's brother-slash-love DIED so recently couldn't have ANYTHING to do with the fact that he froze up about making out in the room he shared with said brother, now COULD it? *wants to slap him SO much* Grr. Justin really annoys me sometimes, y'know?

HAH! I knew it was gonna be teacher-dude! BOOYAH! TOLD YA SO! (I love how I get all excited and 'told ya so' when -you're- the one who's writing this story to begin with, but whatever.)

Why would Ezra -hate- Justin, though? I mean, he gave him a free copy of a hardcore yaoi manga. Then again, it was right after more or less taunting him in front of the whole class for reading said manga to begin with... And then there's the huge amounts of homework Ezra assigns after every class... Okay, so it's a reasonable enough assumption on Justin's part ofter all.

*whines* No fair mentioning L'Arc~en~Ciel around me. 'Cause thinking about Hyde makes me want to watch Moon Child again (awesome movie, by the way), and I don't own a copy of it. *pouts*

ANYWAYS. I'm even angrier with Justin than before. 'Cause he's a huge jerk. I mean, yeah. At least he realizes he did something horrible, but still...

And he didn't even use protection with Ezra, did he? Ugh. He doesn't know where a creepy professor like that has been... Stpuid Justin. When will he learn?
ShadowGal chapter 15 . 5/15/2006
Yay! I think that -everyone- should be a fan of RHPS, but I suppose that I'm sort of biased on the issue...

Heh. I was wondering when you'd realize that they didn't use protection...

Argh. Okay. Sneak peeks like this one are EVIL, even if I don't have to worry about a delay in updating since the next chapter's already posted.

So, uhh, guess about who he's gonna run to? Umm. I say it's emo-hentai-loving-teacher-dude. Errm, Ezra. Yeah, that's his name.
ShadowGal chapter 14 . 5/15/2006
*huggles Chris and Justin* I suppose that if they're gonna be depressed... A graveyard is a pretty reasonable place to be... *keeps reading*
ShadowGal chapter 13 . 5/15/2006
*winces* Ack. No preparation on Justin's part whatsoever? I can't stop thinking about how much that would have -hurt-. I mean, yeah, it'd feel -great- for Chris, but there would be enough (temporary) pain on Justin's part that even if Chris hit his prostrate on the first thrust, and every thrust thereafter, it would still hurt quite a bit for a little while.

At any rate, pain aside, he -totally- shouldn't be able to walk without looking awkward for a while. Which would be very awkward at the funeral. Thus I expect you to take artistic license and not have that side-effect.

(Well, artistic license is fine all the way around, really. I mean, huge pain would sort of ruin the mood of this chapter, and not all of your female readers know/think about those little complications like I do. *laughs*)

All my reservations *points upward* aside, however? Good chapter. Even if the whole 'doing it right before Ayden's funeral' thing squicks me out a tad. *shrugs*
ShadowGal chapter 12 . 5/15/2006
*frowns a little* I'm caught between thinking that Chris wouldn't really be quite like this while preparing for his brother's funeral, and thinking that it's absolutely understandable and realistic for him to be like this. I can't make up my mind, though it's leaning towards the "realistic and okay" reaction, so I'll just keep reading.
ShadowGal chapter 11 . 5/15/2006
"While Nicole was still wearing her pajamas but Levy was already wearing..." I do not know why you stuck that 'while' at the front of the sentence, but trust me: you don't need it. There's no reason for it to be there unless something else happens at the end of that bit. I mean, you'd have to change the phrasing. Like, "While Nicole was still wearing her pajamas, Levy was already wearing..."

(Meep. That probably sounded rude, and I'm sorry, 'cause I promise that it wasn't meant to come out that way at all.)

*sniffles* Okay, unfair. The ending to this chapter made me teary-eyed. And I don't like teary-eyed. *sighs loudly and keeps reading*
ShadowGal chapter 10 . 5/15/2006
*growls* If it weren't for the fact that I don't want to plague Chris with another title, I would totally go hostile and rip Justin's head off his shoulders. Stupid non-thinking boy...

Ah. Yes, darling. Clever titles, even if you are overly proud of them. *snickers, but is actually proud of you as well*

I'm glad to see a character who -isn't- all sorts of cute while asleep. (Like, me? Totally NOT cute when sleeping.)
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