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ShadowGal chapter 9 . 5/15/2006
... Their BIRTHDAY? Okay, so, you're way crueler than I could have imagined. *kicks you, HARD, and keeps reading*
ShadowGal chapter 8 . 5/15/2006
"...still weary of the vulture librarian, who’s hair was at present bobbing along..." Two mistakes in this sentence. One is that it should be "whose" instead of "who's", since "who's" means "who is". The second mistake is that it should be "wary" instead of "weary". 'Weary' means tired, 'wary' means on guard or cautious.(Sorry, but you -know- I can't help but make those types of corrections...)

Ahh, okay, Ayden is -super creepy- this chapter. I mean, yeah. Twin. But still stalker-creepy behavior, and thus SCARY! He needs to stop it.

*sighs* I totally feel for Ayden in all his angst. I ALSO feel for poor Chris. I mean, it's... Yeah. Grr, okay? Just, grr.

You need to make Ayden fall in love with someone else, and pronto, so he can stop stressing out himself, Chris, -and- Justin.

"“Don’t. Ever. Though me. Again!”" *confused* Errm, did you mean to say "touch" instead of "though"? I think you did, 'cause otherwise I'm really, really lost here. _;


*glares daggers at you* Or, yeah, you could just KILL HIM OFF. Ugh. I mean, I was pretty sure that's who you'd kill off, but I am still TOTALLY unhappy with it. 'Cause -I- still liked him, even if nobody else did... And this is totally going to screw up Chris, isn't it. *sighs*

(On a related note... Can I pretty-please use Dead!Ayden as a brief cameo in a romantic ghost story I'm writing? I don't know if I'm ever going to post it or anything, but I shall treat him oh-so-gently, I promise...)
ShadowGal chapter 7 . 5/15/2006
*nod nod nod* Yeah, Ayden scares me too. Quite a bit. *shivers* He should just... I dunno... Something. But he should let Chris be -happy-. *stomps her foot*

And, uh, that spoiler? I'm so glad that all the upcoming chapters are already posted and ready for me to read, but still. You're gonna have me all tense and jumpy until I find out -who- dies.
ShadowGal chapter 6 . 5/15/2006
*facepalm* Umm. Yeah. *points to the convo between Ayden and Justin* AWKWARD!

*sighs and just keeps reading like a good li'l girl*
Esquirella chapter 20 . 5/15/2006
Wouldn't it be a kicker if it was revealed that Chris gave Justin the syphilis? (Maybe Aiden had it.) Just thought that the irony would be a hoot.
Esquirella chapter 19 . 5/15/2006
I dunno if I'd let Ezra off that easily if I was Chris. Also, Justin. But then that's me. *silly grin*
Esquirella chapter 18 . 5/15/2006
Now will Chris confront Ezra? And just what was a professorm doing screwing ba student anyway? And how will Justin earn Chris' trust again? So many questions.
C. Khafre chapter 20 . 5/15/2006
I love you! In a reader-author way! i liked this chapter.
ShadowGal chapter 5 . 5/14/2006
Hmm. I like Gavin so far, but I have yet to read Maverick. I shall remedy that... As soon as I'm caught up with this story. *grins*
ShadowGal chapter 4 . 5/14/2006
*points to the title of the chapter* Yeah. That's one of the two main reasons I want to see that movie. The other is the fact that it will be full of pretty girls in spandex. I may be asexual, but I still like to drool over pretty girls. Eh, what can I say? *shrugs*

"I sat and thought about this ne revelation for the rest of class." You forgot the 'w' in 'new'.

Aww. Cliche or not, I liked it. Although... "I suddenly regained use of my legs and threw myself into his arm." Heh. I think you meant to put "arms". 'Cause if not, well, that's more like a tackle or a mosh-pit move than a romantic way of greeting a long lost lover. *giggles*
ShadowGal chapter 3 . 5/14/2006
"Our parents decided to find religion right before he was born and then lost it again soon after." BEST. QUOTE. EVER. Sorry, it just amuses me to no end for some strange reason.

*squirms* Okay, okay. I asked for it in the last story, but now... It's just cruel of you to include twincest, because I am honestly trying (and failing miserably) to crush my sad, secret liking for it. But Ayden and Chris are adorable. *sighs and kicks you* Grr.
ShadowGal chapter 2 . 5/14/2006
*dies from a giggle-fit* Hee. Hee. Ezra ROCKS! I mean, I'd totally hate the class itself, what with all the homework... But as a chara? He totally rocks. *beams*
CURE-Karasu chapter 20 . 5/14/2006

I'm afraid of needles, too, so don't fel bad, JUSTY! Well, actually, I'm not afraid of them, I just don't like the stingy-ness they inflict. I'm actually quote fond of the needle... Just, not when it's sticking in my arm. Which SUCKS, because I have to get blood work done when I go to the doctor next...

Hell, I don't even know my blood type.

Welpers, happiness for the Justy and da Chrissie. Go them for it being curable.

Raven: That's not good grammar.

English isn't my native language.

Raven: Yeah, right.

HEY SHUT UP! *whines to Lashie about keeping her girl-toy under control*

Raven: *blushes, but glared daggers tipped with those poisonous frogs*

Hehe, I'ma go before she kills me!


-Zephyr and the Angry Raven-sama
CURE-Karasu chapter 19 . 5/14/2006

My keychain hates you now, Lucifer-sama.

But, I must say that I love you! In the creepy sort of stalker way, too. You made me a "lady" doctor. That means... oh, ew. No thanks. But at least I'm in the story. We're, like, 23 in this story, right? SO WHERE THE HELL IS MCKINLY AS MY HUSBAND? LOL, I'm just joking. *grin*

Who's Rion based off of. Cuz, y'know, I get the mental image of Rion from Galerians (the game) when I see him *giggle*. He's hawt so don't worry!

This chapter was awesome. And you get a cameo in "Come Take Me Higher". Teehe, my man-whore (Oyu-chan) is in there, too. As well as Eden, Brooke, Anu, and Koi! We're at a BAR. I want to get us drunk, LMAO!

Well, enough for this review. I'm going now to go read the next chapter.

My keychain still hates you.

And e-mail the Zephie-sama the news about the Writer's Workshop. Cuz, y'know, if I don't get one of those scholarships, I can't go. Eden might tag along as well, so, it'll be fun fun fun! I had pixie sticks (for kids who can't afford herion) earlier and I'm HYPER! w00t.


-Zephyr (bow down to the almightly Zephie-sama, WHO MADE A CAMEO IN THIS STORY! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
NekoRinChan chapter 20 . 5/14/2006
YaY! A curable disease. That makes me happy! Justin will get better, Justin will get better! O_O Oh no! I almost forgot about Chris... I hope he just has syphilis so he can be cured too. *panics a little*

Whew! Sorry 'bout that. Yay spastic reviews!
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