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Katfireblade chapter 7 . 7/26/2019
Just FYI, I have been waiting forever for this story to be completed. :) Was it ever published? Self-published? I know you were thinking about it at one point. If it can be found, please let me know!
stunningaurora chapter 7 . 5/29/2019
normally, i hate reading stories that are obviously discontinued, cause then i would have to mourn for about a million years on not knowing how it ends, but this one just drew me in and ahhhh! if you ever continue writing this story, just know that the plot is vvvv interesting and it makes a rlly good story!
crazybelle chapter 7 . 8/30/2011
Why, why did I start reading this when it was obviously discontinued? ARGH! It's such a brilliant story! If you ever find your way back to fictionpress please, PLEASE pick this up again? I'll bake cookies? ...With extra chocolate? *begs with puppy dog eyes and trembling lip*
WOW chapter 7 . 5/6/2010
So I guess it is safe to say you hadn't planed on completing this story? Seeing how it wasn't updated in over three years. I'm sure you have your reasons, but if you could please reconsider and start posting chapters again I would be eternally grateful. This story blows my mind and makes me wonder how all of these awesome things even cross your mind. Your writing is stunning and I would love to find out what happens to Jiri, Vay, and Roan.

Thanks for starting this and I can only hope you come back to finish it! :D
Dead Deactivated chapter 7 . 9/19/2009
i-wish-i-had-wings chapter 7 . 9/5/2009
this story is amazing. when i first started reading it i thought it would be just a teenage romance novel, but faeries? i love this story now..and i love vay and roan..though i'm not particulary found of jiri right now.
Nope chapter 1 . 3/26/2009
ok, there are just a couple of things that bug me about this chapter. first, you don't have ap classes in college- ap is a highschool system to get credit for college courses before college. you'd have honors classes or just upper level courses, but they probably wouldn't be called ap. and you probably wouldn't be in honors classes unless you were in the overall honors program working towards an honors thesis... in which case she probably wouldn't take just honors english. and second (i know i'm weirdly picky, feel free to ignore me if you like), at 18 she's a legal adult and wouldn't need to get emancipated. emancipated means you are legally considered an adult and independent of any guardianship before you actually reach the age of 18. she would have to go about getting qualified by foster care or social services to be guardian of her brother, but that's about it.

otherwise, it seems like a good start so far! i absolutely love that he's czech. i had a crush on a czech boy named constantine... sigh!
crazy blonde woman chapter 7 . 12/15/2008
I LOVE this story! Please update! I know that it's been years but hopefully you're still around. I'd love to know more about Jiri and his feelings towards Vay. He's gotta love her too right?
charm en route chapter 7 . 3/9/2008
I am offically in love with your story.

Screw hooked on phonics, I'm hooked on this. (Was that cheesy or what? I am offically a cheeseball, quite like Romeo)

I love the plotline, i especially love the characters, well, you get the idea.

And if you could only update (even though you haven't in forever) I would probably, totally, send you something coolio. Like a penny.

Pennies are awesome.

La chapter 7 . 10/31/2007
No! No! How can it end? You can't end an awesome story with such real characters and such a unique and captivating plot like that! I'm too hooked for you to end it now! Please update it? I want to find out what happens!
Kaichai chapter 7 . 9/13/2007
Although I truly doubt that there shall be any updates coming from this story (not intending to be rude nor presumtuous here, ta?); I love it. I see so much of myself in Vay, for I, too, believe in faeries and I had suspected something off about Jiri from the beginning. Your sentences are coherent and interesting, with a good handle on proper grammar. I enjoy the petite anecdotes which are included. Roan gives me cause to feel the need to smother him with hugs and pokes and kisses. (Along with the occasional ear flicks.) Thank you so much for sharing this, as I know that university life can become... overwhelming. (And quite sprintly.)
The Hourglass chapter 7 . 9/4/2007
Well this review is going to be a long one…and also damn you for being such a good author. Once I stumbled across this story, I started reading and it was so good and real I couldn't just read skim like I usually! I had to read each tantalizing word and you leave me with a cliffhanger! All I'll have to say is you better update soon...or else..

So basically I decided I would give you one big review instead of eight ...Especially since my cat is not happy and my back is sore since I was laying down reading your story for so long she decided it was a good pillow and I'm starving…I haven't eaten because I couldn't stop reading! Your story is amazing and it isn't has even begun really. And I still have to go read your other stories. I'm usually a lurker but I signed up just so I could track your story! And you're the second person I've ever given a review so excuse me if I tend to ramble...Now onto my real comments.

I tend to read varying stories but you're definitely an author I would read over and over again if you were published. I rarely reread books and hunt down other books by the same author. But you're one of the authors that I would and I would buy your book to have my own copy instead of going to the library. I go through tons of books but rarely in all of them do I find one worth reading again. Then I discovered Internet and all the unpublished but great authors online. It constantly amazes me what doesn't get published and what does.

Your characters are so ...real. They're not black and white as some authors have. There are no pure explain each character well that you can envision them and you add such detail not so much as to overwhelm but enough that you can see but you leave room for imagination of the characters...and is this just your first draft? I shudder in amazement what your second draft would reveal. You weave flowery words but enough reality so that readers can actually connect...feel like they're a part of it it could really happen and that is an amazing gift.

I'm a writer myself but not nearly close to your talent. I read now studying other author's work and their own styles. I used to force out the characters but the story never went anywhere...and just now I'm learning to let them develop...let them tell the story because its theirs to tell you're just the tool. And my first real story is developing because of reading people's story reading how they let their stories be told. I thank you in the ways you've helped by sharing your amazing gift with the world. You need to be published!

I connect with your characters...they show real strength and weaknesses just like people but your insight on the workings of faerie life are so amazing that I think you’ve got me thinking like Vaydell (I love her name, by the way). Everyone tends to think fairytales would have a perfect life...but then it seems too add an element of reality while keeping it down to earth enough to trap and ensnare people. You truly are a great writer.

I can relate so much to Miguel and the things that he’s gone through with his family. Vaydell pretty much hit it right on the dot for me when she was talking about what she thought of Miguel. I also hate it when someone I hardly know think they know me so well, when they actually do get it all right, and it sort of annoying. I mean, if you’ve had a tough life and no one understands you and you’re always a bit distant and suddenly this girl shows up and knows nearly every one of your feelings, isn’t that something to throw you off a bit? But I need to hear more about Miguel! I love his character,

Then there’s the seemingly perfect Jiri. (His nickname, Jiri, is pronounced Jee-ree, right?) The yellow eyes and blue make him seem a bit more fantasy than reality but then the way you make him and Vaydell react to each other, it makes him seem so real. I sort of understand why Vaydell is so attracted to him. Heck, I would be too, if he were real. The little outburst from him in the sixth chapter sort of threw me because I wasn’t expecting him to act like that. (And did the brownie clean the house?) But then he calmed down and told his story and it made me understand him better. I love to understand characters because if you don’t, you don’t realize the reasons behind their actions and that’s just frustrating. Thank you for the Jiri history lesson!

Vaydell is an amazing character and she is really poetic when she rambles, like Miguel said. The way she thinks is not at all like most people do; the faeries, the souls of inanimate objects, the feelings of inanimate objects, the hugging and touching Roan out of nowhere to make sure he’s real (Roan’s so cute!). I can’t imagine what it must be like for her to care for a younger brother and have an extremely tempting guy breathing down her neck at the same time. And to find out that her best friend of nearly forever hurt all her faerie friends, is a human cursed by faeries and hate faeries, and that faeries really do exist (because she probably had some doubts that they existed. Otherwise, why’d she be surprised at seeing the brownie or finding out about Jiri’s past?) and everything’s turned upside down, hasn’t it? I’m having the hardest time imagining what I’d do in a situation like that. Oh, and then there’s the thing with Miguel. Vaydell seemed to like him until he got up, angry at her, and left. I’m sure she still wants him to come back.

What other character is there? Oh, Roan. Yes, dear, overprotective little brother of the amazing yet odd Vaydell. I think he’d be so cute in real life. I mean, he eleven, has a mohawk, loves heavy metal, wears black; he’s like a mini emo! And he loves his sister so much that he seems protective of her when Jiri ‘attacks’ her. That’s what little brothers are for, eh? They stand up to the best friend of their older sisters when they suddenly turn on them and jump on the older sister. Hah. Anyway, I love how you made Roan, half-believing in faeries but not really, being used to his sisters odd habits and liking them, in an odd way, and I imagine that with all this confusing ‘faeries are very real’ business he’d be a bit more questioning but he lets them take their time to explain it, if ever. He’s not a pestering little brother which is great.

I also love the way you've managed to mix folklore and cultures in there to make it sound like it really could happen. For a few times I had to remind myself it’s just a story. I've also noticed as the chapters went on your writing got even better. Like I notice when I read a first book an author has wrote and their latest. You really have a talent.

I really love this story and sorry about the long review I just had so much to say but again update soon or else! -Looks innocent with club by her side-
Genato chapter 7 . 8/12/2007
it's really good. i love it that she's eccentric and all. and the seelie and unseelie court.. from valiant the book.. right? it's cool. and this isn't so much of a cliche like i imagined it to be. also, you have surprises up your sleeves which kept us to our toes and i like that. this fic is different from others and continue writing!
atreyu love chapter 7 . 8/10/2007
PLEASE UPDATE! i love the story!

and the way its mixed in with a bit of fantasy/fairytales

is amazing :) i didnt expect it. and i love the characters.

How unusualy Vay is and how her brother is so diff.

and Jiri. I basically love him :D
atreyu love chapter 1 . 8/10/2007
oh, im loving this story :)
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