Reviews for Here's For Our There's
defaultninja chapter 1 . 5/8/2006
Wow. . .that was . . . pretty d* cool. Seriosly you use very vivd and specific details which really enfance the specificyity and therfore effectiveness of the piece. The poem has alot of depth and i like how you tweak with capitals only emphasising what's important and not wasting your time with capitizing "i". It is an overrated pronoun. . . dasterdly little deivil. The lack of commas and verses make the piece a bit harder to follow, espciallt since the lines are long so you may want to experiment with that. However the lack of verses and perods add to the choas of overwhement of the piece and contrasts the specificty of the lines. . . so really you could easily leave as is. . .i dunno you're call. I really like the romatisim bit. Realy this piece is beatiful and random. Please keep writting.