Reviews for Loud Silence
Raistlin Majere chapter 1 . 3/5/2008
This is an interesting poem...

Almost a prophecy, I'd say!

Anything significant about the date it was published?

I like it a lot!
Faithless Juliet chapter 1 . 5/15/2006
“I have surely lost my mind/Just over some boy” - I both know, and despise, and love that feeling. It’s hard to see things straight (or more normally the way they really are) when theirs a boy involved; they always flip you into strange shapes, and then the whole butterfly ‘fluttery’ feeling. Very nice.

In Response to Your Last Review: Thanks, I really do appreciate you taking your time to review. Actually though, I encourage healthy debate - it’s good for the soul and it’s good for the mind - as long as you aren‘t bashing or ranting. First you said: “There will always be a choice, and I can't stop that.” I think that’s debatable right now, though I’m hoping that there will always be choice there is still the chance that it will be knocked down. That’s why you’ll see people with ‘Save Rowe’ on their t-shirts; and why you’d see protesters on both sides. The two new appointees to the Supreme Court are of the Right, and oppose it. I guess, myself like a lot of Pro-choicers are scared that that will lead to something being overturned. The other case would be that I, as a female am completely appalled that that decision would be left up to a group of men (and one woman) as well as a male president, backed up with male senators and representatives to decide the fundamental choice of what will or will not happen to the female body.

Next you talked about not having it at all and would there really be a lot of teen pregnancies - yes I think their would, and adult pregnancies as well. Teenagers are not the only people who use their right to choose and abort. I’m not really comfortable with the murderer analogy that you used, I don’t see it as murder, or anything close to it. I think if you look at it not just politically (Right vs. Left) but economically you would really see a change. The ability to abort would not be there so you would HAVE to carry that baby to full term; there are medical bills that a lot of the country would have to pay for the woman and girls who don’t have insurance. Insurance alone would go through the roof (though it already has) Medicaid would have more mothers added on, which means more taxes. Girls would be out of school; high school graduate rates would drop.

Woman alone, put in the position to say ‘I can’t have another child’ would end up suing the government for damages. Lets say that you’re married and both you and your husband work and you have three or four kids, you can’t afford another one, but now you don’t have the option of having an abortion. You would need to ask the government for money to take care of that extra child. More taxes right there.

The adoption agencies would be bogged down; and America is one of the hardest countries to adopt a kid from (that‘s why everyone goes to other countries to adopt.)

The other factor is the procedure itself won’t go away, it will just become illegal - meaning that doctors will still do it, but the price they would charge would go through the roof. Before abortion was legalized in the seventies people would have ‘back ally abortions’ and doctors could charge whatever they wanted. Woman died frequently from the conditions; doctors would use the same equipment on dozens of woman a day.

So the implications of that would be felt for years. I think that it would scare a few teenagers out of having sex, but over all people will always be having sex, and they are having it younger and younger these day and the fear of that, I don’t think will stop many of them. But that’s just the consensual sex issues, you also have rape, incest, health issues. And the list goes on.

Cloudsinthesky chapter 1 . 5/13/2006
Sappy sappy . Good poem, I love it.
alonetogether chapter 1 . 5/12/2006
i really like the use of paradox here. (: really nice.
Raven's Pen chapter 1 . 5/12/2006
I love the first part of this poem. The simple adj. noun says so much without having to use other words to explain them.