Reviews for Giving Up
xoxluurve chapter 9 . 8/11/2006
hah! you UPDATED! (: woo. okay, so i was hypervenilating and squealing for about five minutes. i get like that when a story i love gets updated. (; which you did just that. agh, i CANNOT believe that they're getting KIDNAPPED! -cue eye widening- man, but i should've expected it, especially since Taylor kept on saying how they should be safe and all. well isn't THAT ironic? i'm itching to read the next chapter & i hope that either they get saved by Dylan (ahem, hopefully) or Skye. yeahh, (: i think that most people prefer Dylan because he seems like the main character GUY. but i still don't know who she's going to end up with! i NEED TO KNOW. i think that she's going to end up with dylan because in your summary it says that her DAD invited HIM to her vacation. & that was dylan. i'm right, right? gawd, this is mind boggling. hah.

oh, i just read that little note adressed to me at the bottom of your story. woo. (: people usually base off their main characters on theirselves. it's more easier like that, & i also base some of my characters on my friends. (: haha. oh, i hope you introduce skyler soon! we only get small parts of him & that was way cute when he carried her. i wonder what dylan was thinking. . .? hah. oo! yeah, you're a frequent updater too eh? i hope you update soon then. (: haha. oh, & thanks SO much for reviewing my story. (: i know i never put the author's note at all in any chapters (auugh, im way lazy like that) but i'm always thankful for each and every review i get. (: you & i both know it makes the writer really happy. haha. i'm really glad you liked the chapters ;P some of them are really boring but they're all prewritten chapters. i'm working on chapter 13 so. . .there's like five chapters already done, but i like being ready. (: haha. ahh, well so this was a lovely chapter, as always. & i hope to see more of dylan. he sounds sexy ;P & skye sounds cute. keep it up!

Lady in Disguise chapter 9 . 8/11/2006
Holy crap! You HAVE to update soon! That was such an intense ending!
Olivine chapter 9 . 8/11/2006
ooh! i saw this in my email aerts thingy whatever its called, and i saw what story it was, and i was like "YES! IT'S BACK!" and when i started reading, i remembered that i forogt how funny it was! lol. well, just so you know, i only had to read until libby volunteered to carry raquel at the airport when she was half asleep to get me laughing hard. of course, by the end of the funny parts (i could say chapter, but then i'd be lying...) my stomach hurt. well, not really, but i was stil laughing pretty hard, lol. :D as for the end of the chapter, well, thats just plain alarming. and bad. definitely bad. if they get out of that alive (which they will, because remember? you cant have a story without characters. especially MAIN characters...) taylor wont even let them go to the hotel bathroom alone... hehe, thats pretty funny.

ah, anyways, yes, i am mauree whatever. :D 'i'm in the race but i already won! and gettin' there can be half the fun! so dont stop me till im good and done, dont you try and rain on my perfect day!' haha, i love that part of the song. yeah, um, you know what? i think there's already a club that spreads across the world selling t-shirts and whatnot with trash about paris hilton on them. i mean... there has to be... in any case, there's still the song by pink... whats it called? 'stupid girls' yeah, that one. -big smile- thats paris through and through and through... uh huh, 'song of the summer' my cheeseburger! and i dont eat cheeseburgers...haha, that was so random! im sorry. its early in the morning. point is, we could count 'aint no other man' by christina aguilera the song of the summer more than 'stars are blind' since they are playing that one more... but still. you know what? i couldnt listen to the song long enough to try and listen for the real voice, not that id want to. i mean, just hearing about five-six seconds of the song makes my head hurt- i think i might be losing brain cells when that happens.

sorry, my ramble on paris hilton was long than the actual review part of hehe. well...anywho, update really soon! i love this story! -checks to see if its on my favorites list because ive got just as good a memory as a goldfish- hm... interesting, i dont. well, now i do! -another freakishly large grin-

keep on writing -ss
angels and effects chapter 9 . 8/11/2006

Oh my God that was so hair-raising... hahah creepy taxi driver! It'll be soo cool if Skye could go be the hero and save them. Aww XD Ryan'll probably freak out or something... that would be something funny to read haha...

I know you have holidays hoho so update soon! I wanna go Greece, though w/o the taxi drivers D
xoxluurve chapter 8 . 7/31/2006
LMAO! totally entertained. i've been searching through the web for a good story because it sadly seems that i've read most of them but then your summary caught my attention and your writing style and plot made me stay and finish the whole eight chapters that you've written. ;P i lurve your characters and especially Libby. i'm just really confused to who she's going to end off with because i'm debating either with Dylan or Skyler. i prefer dylan but i haven't really seen much of skyler so he can *somehow prove me wrong. ) haha, im looking forward to the next chapter. ;) keep it up and update as soon as you can!

dream789 chapter 8 . 7/20/2006
great ideas, and like the this chapter
Sam chapter 8 . 7/20/2006
omg..i absolutely LOVE your story..its so funny and interesting! i luv all the characters, especially Dylan..loll..keep up the amazing wrk...u have great talent and update soon!..and if u dont mind, please check my story out and just review..its called: Chain of Memories: Part One by Sam-Ruby..thanks!
Murasaki Blossom16 chapter 8 . 7/16/2006
OMFG! This chapter had me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off! I love ALL of the characters, they're funny as hell! As for who Libby ends up with, it BETTER not be Brandon! Beacause Raquel's in love with him, and that'd just be screwed up. I can see her a bit more with Skylar than I can with Dylan, but it'd be fucking hilarious if Dylan got insanely jealous! XD Please update again soon!

aslimegreenasalemon chapter 8 . 7/13/2006
Very good chapter, I can't wait to read more. I think that Libby should end up with Dylan, for the sake of cliches of course. Libby is deffenetly one of my favorite characters!
xtheysurelovetostare chapter 8 . 7/13/2006
hilarious...i love it...update soon
Jennie chapter 8 . 7/12/2006
Hey Rebecca,So i think my favorite character is Brandon, not because hes a popular guy, but he seems to understand what its like to not be popular, he asked why do girls act this way or something and i think it showed the audience that he is more than a popular person, that he can relate to everyone, and if hes gonna go out with Raqquel then it also shows that he can try new things with different people.

Call me tomorrow

Betsy chapter 8 . 7/12/2006
My advice would be to tone down the unnecessary rants the characters go on. The first section focused on how tall each character was; it was so random and that I just skimmed right through it. Stick with the important stuff, it's so much more interesting. But, other than that I'm really enjoying Libby when she's normal and I really hope she ends up with Skyler.
Lady Vagabond chapter 8 . 7/12/2006
Lol. This story keeps me laughing. I have no clue who she is going to end up. One moment I'm thinking Dylan the next I'm thinking Skyler, and the Brandon enters the picture. My favorite character right now is Libby. She is so funny.
Olivine chapter 8 . 7/12/2006
lol, that was a funny funny FUNNY chapter. especially the airport stuff, and after. oh, and the 'wanna go play in the sandbox?' thing. haha, the funniness of it all. and that song up there... wow, thats such an old song, isnt it? i havent heard it in forever! its a good song, though. and i went to your profile page to have a look at those songs... what you said about 'stars are blind'... god, the first time i heard that, i couldnt even listen to the whole thing. thats not MUSIC, believe me. its just trashy NOISE programmed to hypnotize people! i dont know about where you live and your radio station, but mine keep saying 'and here's 'stars are blind' by paris hilton, the official summer song of 2006!' and i think '...they need help.' the girl cant even sing. i bet its not even her. no, no, no, ill tell you what my mom said when she heard this and found out it was hilton. kay, she said that it probably IS her own voice, but shes so bad at singing, they used all these computer things and gadgets to make her voice sound better. thats not exactly what she said, but somewhere 'long the line. haha.

ive been telling you my favorite characters since i started reading this, so... yea. ill tell you again! ive no problem with that! taylor and dylan. and since i just realized that i was technically telling you my favorite brothers, libby's a cool one, too. dont really care for the others AS MUCH, but theyre what keep everything together. the characters, i mean. (random thought for the day: i wonder what itd be like to read a story with no characters...: end random thought for the day.) and whos she gonna end up with? hm... either dylan or skyler, though i think its more on the skyler side, because shes already said before that she wasnt attracted to dylan, that hes more like a brother. brandon? i really dont think so. so, yea. theres my review. :)

keep on writing -ss

ps- uhm, just in case you dont know, and think that mauree w renaees disappeared, im her. i decided to change my name.
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