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SkepticCritic chapter 1 . 5/28/2006
SEQUEL! I love sequels...Especially this one since I liked Tristan so much...Probably he and Will are my favorite characters...Okay probably Danielle too...And maybe Carrie...I'll just stop naming all the characters now and move on to the next chapter...
blue umbrellas chapter 2 . 5/28/2006
i'm loving will. he's so adorable. maybe he'll meet a cross-dresser at wrenfield and continue his love stories, and keep pestering the guys. it's so funny and cute. and whose tristan meant to meet, it's that girl from china right, it must . and poor vincent, not being able to be with sammy and he must be really threatened and jealous.
CrystalDusk chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
hahaha sounds fun. every school should have this student swapping they all girls or all boys or mixed.
whacked chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
ah this one has suspense...haha and will is still so very adorable! i missed him mucho! so i'm go on a whim here and say that the girl on the phone is the one from sensing some weird arranged marriage thing only now i think it's something more darker...till the next chapter shall i wait..
moonlight.dream chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
It seems as if the plot is beginning to thicken. I thought that this chapter was very intriguing, but I also thought that it was kind of predictable that the schools would be joining in some way. Is Sammy and Vincent still staying together? I really hope so. Is Tristan going to meet the new character, the girl he met in Asia, at Wrenfield High? Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the upcoming chapters. Keep up the good work!
acira chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
whats up with that LEE guy and the girl?

suspense suspense

she's probably the girl tristan bumped into... shuxterz, this is getting iteresting..

jennycraig10 chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
interesting... can't wait to see what the true plot is... i know i asked this in my other review already, but is the girl asian? lolz... just curious... can't wait to see Tristan move on with someone else... yay! love will by the way!
jennycraig10 chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
This is such a good b day gift for me, even though my b day is on tuesday, but whatever. i love this story even though its the first chapter and i should be reading the second... hey is the girl asian? lolz... okay going to read the next chapter.
tandemgirl chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
HAHA. i love that tristan will be with sammy. thatll get the asian girl all twisted, though i hope nothing bad happens to sammy; i still love her to death. and maybe will'll find himself a girlfriend...wot! update soon!
Kaggr chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
Luffly so far. Sorry I didn't get to the first chapter..I dunno how I missed it. No comments really...up in the beginning of this chapter you have a couple places where spaces were forgotten, but other than that I didn't notice anything.
Destiny's Darkness chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun...

I'm really adoring the sound of this. Yay more!
For What Its Worth chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
no! theyre being split up! lol. oh well. it had to happen sometime. so the wacky girl from Japan is going to be there, is she? cool.
minime chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
hmm... mysterious... exciting... ) I have some guesses but I'm kinda too lazy to put them down at the moment. Oh phew, good to know that you have the general plot in mind already. b/c some people who just try to think of stuff while writing get writer's block. So I'm glad you already have things in mind. -minime-
Tis the Air I Breathe chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
I'm so glad this one is on Tristan; he is so awesome, definatly my favorite character. And I love the fact that the girl is asian, not enough of them on this site. Can't wait for next week!
Elemental Moon chapter 2 . 5/27/2006
Vwhhe..another great chapter. Heh, in most stories when writers put down the character's dialogue, and the conversation just switched between the two, it gets confusing because you don't who is talking what. In your story, from the dialogue you can tell who is saying it, and heh, I enjoyed that.

Hmm, I didn't know you were allowed to smoke in the schools, but considering that he is the new head of the two schools, heh, I guess that gives him a privelege...*grins* Anyways, great chapter and good luck on the next one! *winks*
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